Email from James - July 5, 2010

Alo from Kaunas!!!!!!!!
        Everything has been going pretty well here. No one like to talk to us but we keep trying. Crazy things with Drunks and Russians still happen. But eh, That's Lietuva. It's become quite the norm. for me.

         I still haven't placed my book of mormon yet. We keep searching though. My language is still coming. I try to say more and more but it's a very hard language. I talked to a cool guy from France. I told him how dad served there. I told him I used to take french in school but now it's almost gone. He said ya Lithuania is way way harder than french. He tried to learn it. lol. I have been learning Russian, but they are things I would never say. haha.

         We have been meeting with a guy who meet with some elders before us. He wanted to read the book of mormon before being baptized. So we got a txt from him at midnight. We txted him the next morning and made an apointment. He is way way nice to us. He agreed to come to church but when sunday came he didn't show. He later txted us at 10 PM and said he needed to talk to us and that he felt way bad about not coming. He said he had drunk some alcohol and felt way ashamed. He sounded really desperate. We told him we couldn't leave. After some time we agreed to meet him outside our apt. We talked to him and I could tell it really helped him alot. He said we are the only ones who are there for him and support him and want him to be better. I have faith we can really help him to get baptized.

          Other than that nothing too exciting has happend. We are celebrating the 4th of july today. The senior couple and the Kaunas district is having a bbq. Sister Murrel, the senior sister, is making root beer. YUM!!! They don't sell it here. I tried making some but I bought mineral carbonated water so it turned out way salty lol. Elder Hatch and I had a good laugh about that.

        I got mom's letter last week! Thanks for the pics. It made me so happy. My tapes should be coming soon. it takes longer to send stuff out. When you send stuff it comes a lot quicker. About 9 days. It has been raining alot. I love it though. It's way cool in the morning cause it's way foggy. My legs have gotten stronger cause we walk so much. We went through a way pretty forest that had some houses we had never seen before way outside of Kaunas. I felt like we had stepped into a whole new world. It was awesome to get out of the city. No one listened to us but we had fun.

         I caught a glimps of the world cup again. Germany playing Argentina. Algirdas, my good friend who is 17, tells me all about the World Cup.

        But all is well here. Still doing the same work and trying every harder to find more poeple who will listen to us. This is a holliday weekend here so everyone is gone. but it feels the same when we go harvesting with or without people. lol.

        Ya i'm in a Branch here. We have about 40- 50 people come each week. It's sad. There is 300 memebers but only that many come. It's really sad. It's alot different hrere with church but I love it. The kids love to play with me. We always goof around outside after church.

       That's so cool about the office dad. If i was there I so would have helped out. I can't wait to see what it's going to be like when I get back.

        I love you all and I love hearing from you. I hope my package thing gets there soon. It has some cool stuff in it about Kaunas and the money system. The money here is really easy to figure out.

         I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you again. I think about you lots and always pray for you.

              Su myliu
                 Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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