Email from James - July 25, 2011

Hey dad,

Wow it's Pioneer Day. I forgot we had that in Utah, haha. :D I'm way happy about the new law tha was made in Utah about the fireworks. That will be a lot of fun to have when i'm home. Maybe we'll celebrate Easter with fireworks in the circle after the mission haha.

2nd Wow. Shandra got married? That's exciting news. Kinda werid cause it doesn't feel like it was that long when we were all in highschool as little dramatic teenagers. You will have to make sure to get that invitation for me. I want to see it. Oh as missionaries we have the funniest talks about marriage and what not :D Their mostly all jokes or us just being silly about it, but it gives us a good laugh. If you see her again, tell her congrats for me. 

Oh so I got the package you sent me. Thank you so so much and tell the Lambournes thank you too for the mac and cheese. Ooo Velveta is quite heavenly. I haven't eaten it yet but I will when it's a special occasion. :D And oh my gosh that MOTAB mens choir cd is so awesome. I have to admit, I am not a fan of MOTAB. All because i'm a  missionary doesn't mean I like it. It kinda gets depressing. so haha little side note, i'm ok without motab cd's. But, this one is so so good. It has such good songs on it and we listen to it a lot. I was also very excited to have my cargo shorts again. They felt so good to put on. :D Also really random question, what is this crazy code thingy on the cheetoes bag. They had some in the new era and it said scan it with your phone id thingy. What is that? We were freaking out about it. I was confused cause I wondered if the church was owning cheetoes now because they had the same code thing to scan. Thank you so much too for the magazines. They are way way good. :D

We didn't have a baptism this week but there will be one for sure this week. Our investigator, after many years of meeting with missionaires, is finally getting into the water. We kinda just want pres. Chomskis to keep him under a little water just so he gets the feel of the water and we know for sure he is baptized. haha. He is so great though and he is going to be such a good help to this church. We are way close to him and he is a way cool guy. :D

We had a lot of funny things happen this past week, like Elder Erickson and I were in a city called Panavežys and we had a few hours til our bus came, we had to drop elder lindell off with some other missionaries as they were going up to riga for a leadership conference, and so Elder Erickson and I walked to this cool catholic church. The inside as way cool and these old bobs ( old ladys ) were praying very creepily and loudly to Marija. It was echoing all around the big cathedral. Then we walked around outside and there is always a back door to the churches and I had always wondered what they were for. Well, I found out. As we were walking around the door was open and we looked in and there as an open caskat and a dead guy inside of it with candles around it. We sat there and we didn't believe at first it was a real dead guy. I walked down the steps a little to get a better look and there was a sign that had his name on it and when he was born and when he died. Ya that was a bit weird. My 3 dead person I have seen on my mission. Thankfully he was more peacefull looking this time. :D

I got to lead music in sacrament leading. Woo. Pres. Chomskis said as he was up at the stand that Elder Erickson would play the piano, like he always does, and then I would lead, which he hadn't told me. That was funny. It's so much better when the members are participating in the church then just missionaries but there as no one else there to lead so I had to. 

This is the last week of transfers which is kinda crazy so we will know next week what changes will happen. It should be interesting cause no one was changed last transfers. 

I hate shaving

Other than that nothing really too exciting happened. We found 7 new investigators which was a super awesome week. We had a really good finding and teaching week which was a lot of fun. We are going to Vilnius tomorrow for District Meeting and then Elder Lindell will stay there for exchanges and Elder Erickson and I will come back with a Russian elder for exchanges here. That will be fun :D 

It sounds like things are going really good at home and i'm pretty jealous you get to go on a 50 mile bike ride. I can't wait to ride my bike again. but, it can wait. I love you so much and tell everyone else hi for me.

                 Aš labai tave myliu,

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