Photo from James - November 21, 2011

Chomskis, the branch president here, emailed me today. Last night, we had to fix a whole bunch of fincance stuff on the comp. because MLS was having a bug so a lot of the records were on hold so from after church which ends at 1, but we talked with all the members like always so that moved to about 2 or 2,30 ish. until 7 that night, we were working on finanaces. Yay. Oh it was so much fun and I totally want to grow up and be the branch clerk one day and work as an accountant and if your totally not catching the sarcasm then now you do. :D It took so long so it was funny to me how you said you were at the church until 6,30. I feel for you pops. :D I always wondered how you went so long without eating and weren't fazed by it but I see how because I didn't have time to eat breakfast that morning and I didn't feel to hungry by the end of the day. I guess The Lord strenghtens you when you are fixing his work and his church. :D So you can see the pic that I will attach and get a good laugh of your son looking like a professional counselor. All three of us were working and pres. chomskis was getting a good laugh at it. It made it feel like we were in the church a lot longer because it becomes completely nightime outside when it is almost 5. Crazy winter days here. I willl never understand it. In the summer, the sun is up forever and in the winter, it's like the sun has disappeared.

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