Email from James - December 26, 2011

Hello again, :D

Oh how great it was to hear all of your voices. I tried to think of things to ask each of you so I could hear all of your voices and could have a small bit of time to talk to all of you. I hope you felt like you all got a chance to say what you wanted to say to me. That was so much fun and the time went by way to quickly. It's a good thing we ended when we did because literally two minutes after we hung up, Elder Nelson's family called :D whew, close one. I can't tell you all enough but I love you all so much Dad, Mom, Anna, and Parker. You all sound like you are doing so good and I can't wait til I can be with you all again. You mean the world to me. I often catch myself thinking of fun times we had together and of those special moments. The moments when I would just come sit in Dad's office in the church or at work and just chat or lunch trips we took together. The time at a christmas many years ago when I was caught hidding on the coach. I thought I was in so much trouble and that I wouldn't get anything for christmas. You gave me a package from under the tree and told me to open it. I couldn't believe the words I had heard. It was nearly 3 in the morning I think. I went down and opened the package and it was the Lord of the Rings Risk. I don't remember how the game went or who even won, but I remember how happy I was, just me and my dad, spending time together. My sweet mom who I can't wait to give a big hug too. I miss those little hugs so much. Even though I would make a little fit or pretend I didn't want a hug, those meant a lot to me. I would give anything to have a mom hug when the hard times come here. My room was always clean and I never will forget those notes you would leave me, in my glasses case when I was in in elementary school or on my desk after you had cleaned it that told me you loved me. I laugh at the time when I made you laugh really hard when we went to McGrath's fish house right before I left and I was immating a russian man and thanking God we had two frozen dogs to eat instead of one. :D Anna, oh hahaha where do the funny memories stop, I don't think there is an end. You always have some querky comment to make or some funny act you will pull out out of that creative mind you have. I laugh really hard when I think about how crazy we were at Disneyland and how hyper we were. It was fun to have some Big Brother and Little sis time when we went off and waited in lines for Indiana Jones and Pirates. We constantly had something to laugh about and you kept me entertained for hours as we waited in those long lines. And my little Parker. I miss your amazing energy and all of the crazy things you get into. I miss those times when I would be playing videogames and then you would come down and ask if you could play. Or when you and I would have Bro time and go see a movie or go drive around in my car. Remember when we went to the zoo? That was really fun seeing all of the animals and watching your eyes get really big when we saw the big tiger open his mouth to yawn. Ooooo scary. I remember when you were really little and you had barely learned to walk. I was sitting on the edge of the stage in the church and you walked up and sat down right by me. I had be hands behind me to support me sitting up. You looked at me and studied how I was sitting and then you did the same. I smiled and started kicking my legs and then you saw me and started doing the same. Then I put my hands on my legs. You laughed and then copied me. I miss having you around and copying my every move. I try so hard to be the big brother that you need to see. You made me tear up when you told me you love me and you wanted me to baptize you. I didn't know what to say. :D It will be fun when the trio, Anna, You and Me are all back together and we can be as crazy as can be. Anna can drive us to some places and we will go eat and see some movies. :D 
   Family, you mean so much to me and I can't express how lucky I feel to have you. I see other families and I always think how extremely happy I am to have the family that I have. You mean the world to me and before we know it, I will be home. What a wonderful day that will be. 

     With all the love I have,

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