Email from James - August 8, 2011

Oh Kęstutis. We aren't really sure what to do with him any more. I love meeting with him and we have literally taught him everything. He has been meeting with the missionaries for about 8 years. He had this problem before but he brought it up again that he really wants a missionary to baptize him. The rule still stands that members need to do the baptizing here so we explained that to him, which we have done so many times in the past. He says he just has a great feeling that he needs to be baptized by a missionary, which he takes to believe is from God. We explained how God wants him to be baptized and how revelation through leaders works, that the mission president receives revevelation from God on how the work needs to be run here. He said he understands and has nothing against the rule but that is just how he feels. It was a good lesson but he isn't progressing. He said he would pray about it. He didn't come to church again so we aren't sure what more we can do because he really isn't progressing. I think he just really wants to be baptized by a missionary but still doesn't realize that baptism is more than just being baptize by a misionary. I could go on and on because we have taught him all that but you get the point. haha. Just a little side note: Thank you so much for fasting for Kęstutis. That meant a lot and I know you are helping so much. But, i'm not sure why but the Lord has said that families aren't supposed to have special fasts at home for our investigators. So if I mention an investigator, your kinda not supposed to fast for them. You can pray for them ofcourse but your not really supposed to fast for our investigators. As a mission president would say and as i'm saying to you, if you have questions see the Handbook. Obey with exactness!!! Wo!! :D

So transfers came and i'm still in Šiauliai. Elder Erickson left to go to Klaipeda, which we were both pretty sad about. Elder Lindell is still here and now Elder Kezele is with us. He was with Elder Erickson in the MTC so he is pretty new too. He has already been really fun to be with. The work still goes on here but it's been pretty hard to find people to teach. All of our really solid investigators have dropped us and we don't really have a baptismal date anymore. It's kinda downing but you just keep going I gues. It's all in the Lord's time and he knows what is best. 

Nothing really happened this week. Other than transfers, it was a pretty dull week. haha sorry this email is kinda boring. Haha yesterday for lunch, I made pankakes and I found some chocolate chips to put in them. Great idea right? Well since it was fast sunday and we were at the church for a bit longer working on cleaning up all of the problems with the finances we have to do, I wasn't really using my head. So without thinking, I made the batter for the pankakes perfectly and then dumped the whole bag of chocolate chips into the mix. Hahah I started laughing a I mixed them in because it then clicked in my head how much I had just put in to the mix. Well they were quite chocolately, but they still tasted good. :D Hahah oh sometimes I wish I could just film parts of my mission when I'm not thinking straight. 

I was wondering if you could do a little favor. Whenever mom decides to send a package with my journals that I need, haha, do you think maybe you could send a small Book of Mormon and D&C, like the pocket size. and if you see one maybe the bible too. That would be so handy and some missionaries have them and I love them so much because all I have is my quad and they are kinda a pain to carry around sometimes. Just a small favor I thought I would ask while I remembered. :D

I'm excited to see pics from this fun camping trip your going on with Parker. That will be a lot of fun. I can't believe he is already starting school. How the time goes by. I'm glad to hear that Anna is coping with her insulin shot thing. To me, it sounds pretty gruesome having a thing in your stomach. She's tough though and I know she can handle anything. Like I always say but it's always straight from my heart, thank you so much for all that you do for me and helping me as I'm here. I love you all so much and you are all great examples to me. I ate one of the beloved boxes of Velvetta shells and cheese the Lambournes gave to me. It was a night I needed it, this week hasn't been so great for me, but that happenes, and it made me very happy inside so you will have to thank them for that. :D Those are like gold to me and I only eat them on very special occasions :) Have a great week and I can't wait to hear from you next week.

                        su daug meilų,

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