Letter from James - April 22, 2010

Hey dad and everyone :D,

             Things are pretty good here. Just going through the MTC. week 2! I got the package and thanks so much :D i haven't busted in to the chips yet... yummy.

              The MTC is good. I had a really hard night last night. ugh. we had to teach an investigator in Lithuanian only and I have been studying like crazy, so I figured I would do really well. When we got there I did so bad. I barely said anything and I could hardly understand our investigator. Sister Alldredge was my comp and she was doing amazing. Our goal was to have the first vision memorized by yesterday but I tried and I could barely remember it. Plus i have no time to memorize it. Ugh it's hard. But i'm not giving up. I think the Lord really wants to humble me and show me that it is going to take alot of his help to get it. I think learning French so quickly got my pride up about this language. I was in a pretty bad mood last night and prayed for a long time before I fell asleep.

              Other than that things are good. Just working really hard. I have had lots of opportunites to serve and lead as a District Leader. Branch President Payne always gives me a huge hug and tells me how happy he is to serve with me. I get to teach a lot as a DL.

               I have gotten lots of letters from neighbors and friends and family. It made me happy. It was a pretty hard week this week, Language wise. But I have Christ's Picture on my wall along with the temple, plus those two cool pics I bought from seagul book which boost up my spirit. We went to the temple again this morning. I had a long time to sit and pray and think in the celestial room. :D that made me very happy. It was snowing like crazy as we walked over. Now it's really hot outside.

                So did Uncle Grueber send a flag to me! Cause we want to hang a Lithuanian Flag in our room. Plus I guess they suggested to bring white temple pants and a tie for baptisms. I was hoping I could send this too you before you sent the other package. It's ok if you dont' send it right away. But soon would be nice lol. I promise it will be the last package.

                  I miss u all and always have you in my prayers. I am really working hard and enjoy being here preparing to go out into the field to work. :D I write in my journal a lot which is crazy for me to say lol.

              Well time is almost up. I will write letters too.  

              As myliu jus. :D

                       Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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