Letter from James - May 6, 2010

Week 4!!!!!
      Time is flying by! I'm really liking it here. The language is difficult but i'm still trying. I finally got the first vision down! It took me a while but I got it. It sounds so funny to directly translate it from Lithuanian to English. I will write it all out to you in a letter so you can see it :D
     Thank you to everyone for writing to me. It helps a lot to feel your love and support. Times get really tough here but i'm still holding on thanks to the love, support, and prayers I receive.    

     (In an earlier letter, we discussed with James swapping his smaller "carry-on" suitcase for a larger one) But with the suitcases, I will talk to the front desk and see if i could leave the small one there and you could give them the big one. I will write u a letter cause i'm almost out of time with this email. I wil be so happy when the time thing is gone.
     I love you all so much. Oh also I have been starting to wear my black suit more. So could you also send me black suit pants size 32? Well my same size lol. I think I wore the good ones we got from JC pennys.
     I love you all and I pray for you. Please pray for me to have comort and peace :D
     Myliu Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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