Email from James - December 13, 2010

Dear Dad, and family,
Haha this email made me laugh so hard. I loved it. Well that was good to know that it was a little warmer somehwere else in the world and not just here. :D I laughed cause I told Elder Hilton about how it was colder in Nebraska, we both laughed and said ya they have cars and better apt.'s. Then I read on and saw that you put they have cars and and wendy's. Oh how I miss wendys.. :D It snowed a ton this past week and weekend. We shoveled the parking lot at the church for english, then before church. So the snow is way high up on the edges. After church we came out and it was all covered with snow so it didn't even look like we did anything. hahah. Eh, I need the work out. I have set a new years resolution, that started today, that is starting early is that I need to work out every morning. I used to be good at that cause the apartments I was at had weights but the one we are at doesn't. So instead of weights, I curl our stool chairs. :D Elder Hilton thinks it's funny but it works. I feel more manly lifing up things too hahaha.

Hahaha  ya Elder Hilton and I just say now, we aren't passed our 8 month mark, cause time doesn't exist, it's just a measurement on the rising and setting of the sun that man has put. And in Lithuania the Sun does a little rise up the, then falls back down in about 6-7 hours so we haven't hit our 8 month mark yet. :D We then freak out at about how time does go by. They days just keep going and going and I look at my watch and then it's time to go home.  It's nuts. Our 9 month mark will be here so soon.

You, dad, have the coolest job in the world. I was just thinking as I was reading the email, I wonder if my dad has any new cool stories of his awesome job. And you did. That is so cool how you get to plan out what bands you want to play. I hope when I come home I get to see some of these bands in concert. :D That's cool to hear that your getting a bigger office. Then I laughed cause you get to be the mean boss and assign people to smaller cubicles. I just pictured the office seen and you are like Michael. That's way funny about how the work holds a bit of your pay check every month and then gives it back to you by christmas. I bet that's kinda nice to have at the end of the year and for christmas.

Ya I can't believe Christmas is next week. It just seemed like yesterday I was talking to you at the airport and I said, well talk to you at christmas. I love all the christmas decorations they have up and the american chirstmas music we hear at every store and at restaurants. Speaking of Restaurants. So about the Skandalas we went to last week. It was so so so so cool. IT was like going home. This place is an americanized restaurant. It was awesome. They had pics all over the wall like at Cili's and lots of Elvis stuff. They had a cool Elvis statue that I took a picture by that I will send. And, oh they were so good, I got RIBS. They were so so good. I hadn't had ribs in so long. They only thing that wasn't like america in that place, was large drinks and free refils. hahahah. but other than that it was amazing. We had a lot of fun going there.

That's way cool mom got a new camera for christmas, I am really enjoying mine. I have taken tons of pictures, mostly of random things during out extra hour of lunch. But also lots of sweet things too. I will send some more this email with my official chirstmas picture i'm sending to people in the mail. No not the poor durango. I hope you won't sell it cause I love that car. :D I do want a pic of it all around it. LIke my stickers and the front and random rooms of the house. Especially my room :D A full scale picture hahahaha.

Yay I just got a letter today from sister lonni. That was so nice of her. I'm going to send her a letter. She puts some pics of us when we worked on the yard way back. There is a picture of parker in it and he looks so little :D She is way nice of her to give me money and send a card. Give her a hug for me :D
So that's all the new news for today, I'm saving some funny stories to tell when I talk to you next week. Have an awesome week and stay safe. I love you all so so much and I can't wait to hear from you again.
        Su daug mielų,
            Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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