Email from James - December 6, 2010

Nu labas!
Wow it just felt like it was p-day yesterday. Time is flying by so so fast. Even more crazy today is exaclty my 8 month mark. AAAH! Elder Hilton and I always freak out at how fast time is flying by. Before I know it, my year mark is going to be here. Nothing too exciting happened this week. We were able to find two new lessons which was way fun. Elder Hilton and I are just rocking South Klaipeda. :D Funny part is those two new lessons were with older men who said they were too old to come to church. One of them was so funny, as we would share our message, he would put his hand on our hands and say may god bless you, thank you so much for coming, etc. It was hillarious. We gave him a book of mormon and he gave it a kiss :D. Oh I just love the fun things of Lithuania. I'm going to have stories for years after my mission :D I love it here so much. 

   So yes it has been snow, snow, harder snow, light snow, hail, slushy snow, rain ( today for about 20 minutes ) snow. The weather here is crazy. Every few minutes I look out the window and it's a blizzard then it stops then it snows more, then it hails, It's nutso. I will take some pictures for sure today around old town. We are going to a sort of Steak House called Scandalis, ahaha great name. I have never been there but aparently it is supposed to be really good. It's so cool, there is a river that runs through Old Town and it has way cool boats on it, but the river is frozen! I will take pics today, it looks so so cool. I love the camera so much by the way :D It is a way way awesome camera. But that's all I can really think of to tell about Klaipeda. Ya there is a ton of Russian speakers. I am pretty good at knowing how to pronounce the letters in Russian just by singing in the hymns. In church, cause there are so many russian speakers, we sing half of the hymns in Russian and half of them in Lithuania. The prayers and talks are half russian half lithuanian. It's crazy :D It will feel weird when I will be back in America and not have to think so hard to understand people in church.

      I loved the picture! Ya i'm the cool snowman of the family, it's like Jack Frost. Too bad I can't come and visit you through a snowman hahaha. Anna's teeth are looking way way good. I'm jealous, I wish my teeth were straighter, eh but two ginas ( very pretty girls ) said to themselves, while on the bus, that I was a very good looking boy :D Not too brag or nothing hahaha.

     That's way cool about how you and mom were able to go to the Larry Miller's house and eat there. I can imagine it would be way way huge. :D I'm going to come back and just be blown away by how big our house is. I have gotten so accustomed to being in 3 room apartments. I thought about the layout of our house and I was shocked at how big our house really is. I'm going to get lost my first couple of nights home. If you could, send some more pics of the house, like my room and the basement and the living room and stuff. Also of the Durango. People always ask about what my house looked like on the inside and what kind of car a durango was but I have no pics.

     So I laughed so hard when I was reading mom's email when she said about Anna's Cantratrice Choir thing because in the Birthday CD dad said Count the Trees and Anna got mad at him cause he said it wrong. So when I saw how it is really supposed to look like I laughed for a while.

    Ya there are people that live downstairs. We have a sepearate door that goes up the stairs that are on one of the pics I sent you that lead upstairs. The people that used to live in our apt. thing are on a mission at the Helsinki Temple. I like our apt. It's way nicer than the one in Kaunas except that it is way freezing cold all of the time so we are going to talk to the land lord and see if he can fix that. We have tea time every meal and at night so that keeps us warm. I love love love fruit tea here. It is so so good. Tell Parker I won't loose his cool picture. I didn't know mom sent it without you knowing. :D You'll have to let mom know what she can send and what she can't.

     So I promise this is the last thing that I'm going to have to buy, I need to get new gloves. The leather ones, plus the little warmer gloves I have together don't keep my hands warm. Donatis told me of a good place to get some gloves. I want to buy some that cover your whole 4 fingers like a mitten. I am going to look today at a cool store they have that he said has some. I'm hoping they won't be too pricey. I have been way spendy with stuff but I have everything I will need. There might be little things here and there like a new scarf for cheap but that's about it. Mom will have to send me one of those cool journals again. Not now but just for the future. I really like how it looks and how the pages have gold on them like the scriptures. I like it a lot. I have been writing in it so much. Oh also, if mom sends a letter, can you send one of the plastic temple recommend covers in it. Mine broke so I don't have a cover for it and i don't want it to get ruined with the snow. they don't have any here surprisingly.

      So I am reading the book of mormon over again in english instead of reading Jesus the Christ. I felt like I needed to better my learning and know more about the book of mormon. I found a cool english seminary book that goes along with the chapters in it and teaches more about it to strengthen my understanding and learn more from each chapter. It has been so so cool already. I am excited to read the book of mormon again because I have only read it once in english and once in lithuanian.

     Not too much longer til I get to talk to you. I will work out the times with Elder Hilton when you can call. I can't believe Christmas is almost here. That seemed like so far away when we would talk about that in the MTC. The Morrels ( the senior couple ) left this morning. I like them both so much. I called them last night to say goodbye. They live in Utah, I have their address somewhere. I told them my mom would probably want to stop by and they said you could anytime if you wanted. They are the coolest. :D

     When mom told me that about 220 people came to the Christmas party I was so amazed at how many people were there. We get excited if we get over 30 at church. The branch is trying to set up a party and they want to go to a concert thing but they need people to chip in money which is hard for most people in the branch. We are going to talk to pres. dance to see if we can go so we can help out with the money. I hope we can go cause then it would be so much fun. :D I love the branch here. There is a girl who is about 10 who always likes to read the liahona's with me. She is  so so funny. Thomas is the only young man here in Klaipeda, he is 18. He speaks english very well. We always joke around with him. After his next year of schooling, he wants to go on a mission. Hopefully Utah. :D

      Well I guess that is all for this week :D I love emailing from you everyweek and hearing about all the funny things that happen at home or just the normal things and knowing your doing alright. I love you all so much! Thanks so much for all you do for me. Tell everyone hi for me in the ward.
       до свидания ,
         Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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