Email from James - December 20, 2010

Su šventomis kalėdomis!
Wow, it is once again p-day. Conference made it come way way quickly. I will tell some funny stories from conference when you call. That is another weird thing to think about that it's Christmas already and that we get to talk on the phone. I'm so so excited for that day. One of the members, Lucy, who is an asian lady who speaks somewhat english and russian invited us over for dinner on Christmas day. She is so so nice. She has a daughter who is aobut 14 and she is way funny. Then we are going to make cookies and stuff and give them to all the bus drivers that have to work on Christmas. I'm so excited. We are going to take our packages up to the other elders aparmtent and then all have a christmas morming together. They have a dinky christmas tree, we don't so that is another reason why we want to go up there. I did get your two packages and the one from grandma from this last conference so it is all here. I'm excited to get more cd's and I guess from what you said you owe me more which will be way cool too. All the cd's I mentioned would be so awesome to have :D.
Yep, you are going to call at 11:30 utah time and we have until 10 or so to talk. Probably a little before but we will see. I checked the email I sent you and it is all correct so it will work. Just a little heads up, if the phone cuts out for some reason and hangs up, just call back. Elder Leishman's family's phone hung up and they never called him back cause they didn't know so he never got to say goodbye.
Yay, i'm so glad my package got there safely. I'm excited to hear from you about what you think of the gifts. The big one to the family is a way cool thing :D Make sure to keep it nice cause I will want to see it more when I get home. I opened up the Christmas package cause I know mom said she put stuff in their to hand out to kids and we found the riendeer things. Hahahah elder hilton and I are very entertained with those. We were making them jump over our cereal boxes. The kids, the only 6 kids in the whole branch ages 2-18, were all very entertained by them too. We were having contests and what not with them at church. It was way funny. I have a ton of them left. Thanks for sending them :D
We are having some big changes for the new year. Instead of having english class on tuesdays and thursdays, President Dance moved it to only Saturdays from 1-3. That's going to be a very big change for us and the students we teach. It will be nice cause saturdays always feel really long for me and i'm usually a lot more tired those days. It will give us a lot more teaching and finding time during the week. We are also not keeping track of new lessons we get. We are going to replace that with keeping track of how many acitve member lessons we get which I am way excited for. It will help the members get to know me a little better and for me to know them better. I love the branch here so much. It is way way small but that's helped me to get to know the members faster. I love them all so much. There is a guy named Viktor, hahaha like on Van Helsing, and he is the coolest guy. He speaks english, kinda, and russian, so i'm always asking him how to say things in Russian and what not. He is such a nice guy. Our church starts at 11 and goes to 2 and we have sacrament first. The branch president is so so cool. His name is Donatis Blinduruk. He is 24 I believe. He served a mission in Wisconsin. He is the coolest guy. He always drives us to all the conferences and what not in his sick black Volkswagen that he has worked on a ton. It has a way loud sound system and is way intense looking from the oustide. He speaks english well so we talk to him in english. He always dressed like eminem when he isn't in his suit so that's what I call him. :D
I'm so jealous that you got to go to a gym. Ugh, what I would give to go to a gym. I feel so lazy cause i'm too tired to work out and we have no weights or anything. I am getting somewhat better in the morning. It's way cold in our Apt. so I take a way cold shower right as I get up which makes things a lot more colder so it wakes me up and then I go work out. :D It's been working pretty good so far. My body has been getting on a better routine of waking up and really waking up at 6:30. It's probably because it knows it's about to go into an ice pit. :D hahahaha
Ya the weather here is cold.....cold.....cold. snow......cold....more snow....cold. ya the same every day. It's not a shocker anymore when we put on our way cold shoes by the door then look at the thermo outside and it says -17 and what not. Then we got out and it's like  a shock to the body. :D I love the Baltics, that's all I can say. Its ta best!
I hope mom gets feeling better. She emailed me and that didn't sound fun at all. I have been very lucky and haven't gotten sick at all. I stay all bundled up and run up the stairs to keep warm when we go in domes and we buy lots of mandorin oranges which are very very good. :D
Well that's all I got to say. I will tell you the rest on Saturday. hahah it feels so weird to say that. I'm so so excited to hear from all of you. Here's a little side note to Anna, I want to hear you sing that song from seminary :D That can be my christmas present haha. President Dance wants us, the missionaires, to bear our testimony in our mission language sometime during the conversation so you will be able to hear that. :D
I love you all so much and I will talk to you on Saturday. :D
                su miele,
                      Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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