Email from James - December 27, 2010

Wow so I cannot tell you how hard it was not to call you right back as I hung up the phone. It felt like there just wasn't enough time to talk. That really made my christmas. We were all checking our watches at dinner with Lucy cause we were so excited to talk to our families. When I was waiting to talk with you all, I had to do push ups just to calm my nerves :D. Every missionary does something like that before they call. Elder Hatch said he always had to do jumping jax. I was so happy to hear your voices and talk back in forth. :D In all the excitment I didn't thank you for all the cool gifts you got me. That scripture cause is so so nice. It doesn't fit my Lithuanian one but my older case I have for my quad fits over them so i'm using the new nice ones for my quad and it looks a lot better. That tie was way sweet too. I'm wearing it today. I love it. Elder Hilton says thanks for the stocking. I was so happy to see peeps. He doesn't like them so now I have double the peeps. The Capn Crunch is and was so so good. I still have a lot left. Breakfast has never tasted so good. :D Thanks so much for going through all the trouble of getting all of those things for me!

I am really excited for the new year to begin. President Dance has been saying to set some goals and to pick a christlike attribute to work on for the first 3 months. We are all getting new book of mormons in english to read. He wants us to read the book of mormon and to highlight the christlike attributes Faith/Love and something else I can't remember lol. But he wants us to pick a christlike attribute to work on as we read the Book of Mormon. I am really excited. But, I have been thinking a lot about personal goals. I have never been good at setting spiritual/personal goals. I am good at setting goals with running, that come easy. But with spiritual or personal goals, I kinda set them and then just forget and not really care about them. But, this year, this whole new year where I will be a missionary, I want to set some goals, and then keep them. I am really putting it to prayer a lot this week and what I should set. I want to set goals that will make me work harder and really streatch me as a missionary and that will help my grow spiritually more. I have some ideas but I want to think more about them.
Well not much to tell either. Transfers are this week and Elder Hilton think he is peacing to Šauliai so we will see what happens. I don't want to transfer cause I just got here and I love it here so much. Plus I don't like packing and unpacking :D I will send some pics of Christmas and what not. I can't wait to hear back from you. I forget to tell you, I got mom's 4 letters she sent. I loved them all. I like our christmas card too. Now that the snowman idea has already been used, I was thinking maybe get a cool cut out of me or you could get an elvis one :D hahaha maybe elvis then it would make me look better. 

     I love you all so much. Have a great week.

             Vyresnysis Džemsas Sanfordas

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