Email from James - January 3, 2011

Ya that boat is way cool. I love being in upper Klaipeda just because everthing looks european. The south area doesn't look all that exciting but it's still fun. :D Hahaha I laughed when you told me Parker saw that hat that looked like mine and he wanted to buy it.
Well our new years was kinda funny. The other elders smelled gasoline or propaine that morning of new years eve so they brought their stuff over just incase if they needed to spend the night. So their land lord got everything checked out and everything was ok. So we talked and they just decided to spend the night at our place anyways since everything was already there. For New Years eve, we had to end our day at 5 so after we played cards and just hung out for the whole night. Sleeping was way hard cause everyone outside was shooting off huge loud fireworks like they do at the big shows. It sounded like WWII was going on outside. I managed to doze off but then was quickly awoken as the huge grand finally was going off at midnight. Elder Manning ran in and was like," elders elders, it's the new year. " I just laughed and said, " oh so that's what is with the bombings." It was so loud car alarms were going off too. hahaha. I should have taken pics but I wasn't thinking straight cause I was way tired.
We found a cool lady this week. We were able to teach her a first and give  her a book of mormon. Yay a lesson. We are hoping to meet again with her this week.
We were harvesting in some domes the other night and this older man let us in. We were in some bendrabs which is like very run down poor apartments. They are very crappy and all the people have to share a crappy bathroom and a kitchen. It's so sad adn humbling to see how these people have to live. Anyways, so this guy let us in and we tried teaching him a first but he would just go off on random tangents. Then something happened that I would never forget. He put his face in his hands and started crying. Through tears and a choked throat he told us how hard life is and that he barely has enough money to buy food today. His room was barley big enough for his small bed and a little wooden chair. I had tears coming by this point. I reached over and put my hand on his arm and told him we could help him, not so much with money but they we really wanted to help him to be happy. He gave me a happier look and said maybe. He didn't let us teach anymore but he said he would try to come to church. The night of New Years Eve, I was with Elder Nelson, the younger missionary, and right before we went home, I went and bought some food with him and we went and took it to him. He was so happy to get it. He didn't say much but he just kept thanking us. I really care about that guy. His name is Alfredas. I was very humbled by that experience. We are truly blessed for all that we have and for where we live.
Today we went bowling with some members before emailing. It was mostly the few youth. We had a lot of fun so we are hurrying and emailing and then we are going to make Cepeliniai with them at the church. I'm way excited :D I do love Cepeliniai.
Oh so transfers was a boring call this past week. No one changed in all of Lithuania so I'm still in Klaipeda with Elder Hilton. :D I'm not too upset about that hahaha. I love it here so much. This will be Elder Hilton's 4th transfer here so i'm pretty sure he will be transfering after this one. If not that is a long time :D He hopes he gets to see another area.
It's been another random weather day here in Klaipeda. As we went to Akropolis this morning for shopping, it was dark and was snowing like crazy. After bowling, the sky was clear and the sun was out and everything was warm, I was happy about that, now it's cloudy and it's snowing a lot. hahahaha I love the weather here. I thought Utah had really bad random weather, but here it's a lot worse.
Well I think you have plenty to read now :D hahaha. I love hearing from you every week. Keep safe and know that I love you all so much.
     su meile,

              V. D┼żemsas Sanfordas

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