Email from James - January 10, 2011

Well to start things off, I have been out on my mission for 9 months as of the 7th. Crazy.
Wow Grandma Welch passed away. I was very shocked to hear that, even though she is very very old. I feel good though about it, she was very sick and now she can be in a very peacful place with the rest of the family. More gaurdian angles to watch over us :D
This email might be a little shorter than usual. We had a really very hard and very slow week. It was not the funnest weeks. In short, we harvested for over 50 hours and not one person let us in until Saturday night, hahaha go figure. ENDURE TO THE END has never felt so reall to me then this past week. It was really hard though cause we don't have english on tuesdays and thursdays anymore so everyday was wake up, study, HARVEST, lunch, HARVEST, go home and crash then get up the next day and do it all over again. We tried to set up meetings with people but no one could meet. The lesson we got though on saturday night was kinda cool. They had been to our church before. The wife was really nice and said she liked how we were so talkative and friendly at church. We taught with a sort of more casual conversation type way. English though on Saturday was way way way fun. I love teaching english. We had a lot more people show up for this class which made it a lot of fun. They all participated a lot and I got to be the jokster of the class, thank you dad for those genes. The english class really responds well and trusts us if we make them laugh and show them that we are normal and can have a good time. The spiritual thought was on the spot but was so so good. We told them about what we do as missionaries. I started off the lessons by asking, " How many of you have seen us walking around the streets?" No one really answered. I said, " Ok, how about if I do this" I put on my coat and my hat and grabbed a book of mormon and strutted around the room. They all started chuckling to themselves. " Now have you seen us?" . They all nodded and chuckled some more. " ooo the scary mormons with the black name tags". That got them to lighten up some more. After my little acting spree, we told them what we do, why we are here, and what we hope to accomplish with the short two years that we have. It went so well and really helped people to see that we are normal. :D I loved it.
I have been really enjoying the scripture reading we are doing as a mission. They have a schedule for us to follow so we will finish on time and at the same time. At times, especially this past week, when I was really doubting if anyone would listen to us, the scripture always always came to my head of when Nephi is comanded to build a boat. By what his brothers say to him, at first, get Nephi very lowly in heart. At times I feel like this, when no one wants to listen or they say mean things to us. But then, like the great example of Nephi says to his brothers in 1 Nephi 17 the great examples of Moses and all that he did with the Power of God. Then he tells of what God had commanded his father had to do. Then he tells of the Great Power that God has and what he can do with that power. With all that said, how can anyone doubt when the Lord has called them to the work. That scripture has never meant so much to me now than it has in the past. The scriptures are so true. There is no way that I could ever deny that. I love them so much.
Please pray that the hearts of the people will be open to our message and that we will be able to help people. Hahaha we have been able to help people by pushing cars out of the snow. We even lifted up the back of a BMW for a guy to get it over a curb so he could park it cause it had died :D. I keep saying, GO BIG AMERICAN CARS. :) I wrote down everydoor that said, " kita karta" ( next time). So very soon we will be going back to hold them to their word. Some of them truly did seem interested but they told us they didn't have time that day so I have faith that we will find lessons. We just really hard to work hard this week and show they lord we got what it takes :D
I love you all so much and love hearing from you every week. I loved the picture of Parker. :D That's one of my favorite biking jerseys to wear when I go mtn. biking :D
           Su daug mielų,

             Vyresnysis Džemsas Sanfordas

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