Email from James - January 17, 2011

So things were a lot better this week then the last one. We were able to have more teaching lessons which was way good and english was so much fun. We had a major turn out. We taught this way cool guy who is a harnia christinia or whoever you spell it. He was way nice and friendly to us. I can't really go into detail but he has some pretty crazy beliefs. I think he was more interested in hearing about our religion then joining but he said it would be cool to have us over to his place to have tea and stuff. He really like how I respected nature cause I told him how I loved to go running in the mtn's and how if people cut down all the trees I would be so so sad. :D hahaha. We had the senior couple from Riga come down to check out apt's and then they came to church. During the youth class we go to. I had to translate for them. Wow I don't think my brain has had to ever work as hard as it did. I would have to be listening, translating in my head, then tell them, then keep listening as the lesson went on. It was President Blinduruk who taught the lesson and he speaks fast so I really had to listen and think quick. I was surprised how much I understood and was able to translate. They were surprised that I had only been in Lithuania for 7months and could speak and understand so much. The lord has truly helped me so so much. I love speaking Lithuania :D This country is the best.
I got grandma's package and now I have Husker pride in Lithuania. It takes packages about 14 days to get here so I called it the week it would come and it did like all the other packages. I took some cool pictures of me in it and I was going to send it to you for a good laugh but I left my camera at the apt. so I will send it next week. I love wearing it though. :D
That's good to hear the Grandma Welch's Funeral went well. I bet she is a lot happier then being so sick and what not here and now she is with her family. I bet that was nice to see all the people related to her you hadn't seen in a long time.
So funny story:
This morning as with every monday morning, Elder Hilton turns to me and aks, " what shall we eat this week?" Throughout the mission, all missionaires eat about the same things as eatchother. I have gotten a little creative with some things. I do all the cooking and Elder Hitlon does the dishes so I kinda decide some options and what would work I could make and he agrees if he likes it. He can eat anything so that is good. So we crossed off a few meals that we are very sick of eating like Chicken Queso's and Salami and Rice. We looked through all the cook books and didn't see anything that was too different or sounded tasty. They are very basic missionary cook books and you would have to be dumber than a rock to know how to cook with them. We really could not decide on what sounded good. We kept trying to think of things that we had eaten at home but nothing came to mind. Mom I have been having the worse guilt trips about complaining about food cause when you want something new to eat here, anything sounds good. WE HAVE THE SAME MEALS EVERY WEEK CAUSE WE HAVE NO OTHER RECIPES. So we thankfully found some different things to make in the small frozen aisle section that will last us this week. :D BUT, we really want some new recipes. Not the dumb Deseret Book type, good meals for nervous cooks and missionaries book or where is my mother books. But like REAL recipes. I have really gotten so good at cooking and I really want to branch out more and try new things but I can't think of what to put together. So mom, could you send via email for this upcoming week and then a lot more in a letter or something of some new recipes that I could make for us to eat. Elder Hilton doesn't cook or dares to so i'm doing all the cooking and I love cooking and want to learn some more meals. Send some good meal ideas, whatever works, complicated, simple all of them. I want to have more meals to eat cause we are exhausted of eating the same meals :D
So incase you were wondering, transfers aren't coming up for a while. You said we can't wait to hear about transfers and they won't happen til the second week in February I think. We are in out third week of this transfer so we still got some time. Just out of curiousity, have you sent the package yet? I just want to know so I can be looking out for it or not. :D We, mostly me, am excited to get some new music that I asked for. Like all of those cd's. We need new music.
I will have an aweomse week, I hope, and you all have a great week too. It has been raining during the day and getting way cold at night so everything is way way way icy. It's nuts. We walk way slow but we still slip all over. I almost had a huge fall. My legs were literally up in like a high ninja kick but with my super leg speed I caught myself so it looked like I was trying to hip hop dance :D I can't wait to hear back from you. BTW I got your letter mom :D

I love you all so much and love hearing from you every week :D
           Su meile,
             V. Džemsas Sanfordas

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