Email from James - January 31, 2011

Brangus Siema,

    So today the library was closed so we went to Topo Centras ( An electronic store ) so I am emailing from there and way cool news, I'm using a beautiful apple computer a little bigger than the one that we have at home. It's kinda like a flash back of being at home :D

    This week was so so so so so so good compared to last week. Last week, i'm sure I sounded pretty downhearted but that all changed this last week. We had mini exchanges on tuesday night. Elder Manning and Elder Hilton went to the church and Elder Nelson and I went harvesting up in the North area. I love the North area a ton because the domes look more european and it's way fun up there. So we went harvesting and began knocking doors. First door.......  nothing. Then, miracuosly, the second door, a nice lady let us in. She was probably about mid 30's. We went in and her husband came over from the room. I was so afraid he was going to kick us out but he didn't. He warmly welcomed us in. The wife, Edita, made us some way yummy soup and we began talking. He asked if it would be ok to put on some quite music. I told him that's totally fine. Who would have guessed, he put on Josh Groban. I laughed and said is this Josh Groban? He, Aleksejus, laughed and said," How do you know Josh Groban?" I told them I loved Josh Groban and that my mom loves him and has been to some of his concerts. They laughed and thought that was so so cool. They were so nice to us. As we chatted, Edita asked how I was able to speak so beautifully. I laughed and said I wish I spoke beautifully but we learned some before our mission and we learn more from talking with people. They were really impressed. They could tell Elder Nelson was a newer missionary cause he had a harder time speaking but they were so nice to him. They told him, it's ok, you got Sanfordai helping you :D It was cool cause they were the first people I met with who kept using my name the whole lesson. We taught them a wonderful first lesson. Edita was really really interested about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and I gave her one. They both believe in Jesus Christ and so much like how what we believe in. They were so so prepared. Oh I will totally tell you more about the lesson after my mission but it was so so amazing to meet with them. They truly were an answer to my prayers. Our lesson was so powerful and we could all feel the spirit so strongly testifying of truth. He played us a song on his guitar and after he gave us a hug goodbye. I told them that this wasn't my area and that another missionary would be with elder nelson. They said, ah man how come? we like you a lot sanfordai. :D That really touched my heart. We chatted about what i like to do and I told them how I like to cook and all about my running and they were blown away by that. They kept saying wow  that's so so cool. They gave us their number and said they would love to meet again. After, Elder Nelson and I were so pumped. We couldn't stop smiling and all we would do was talk about them. I love missionary work!!!!!! I wrote a huge journal entry about the whole experience so I have it all down. It's an experience I will cherish forever. Their way cool son came home after our lesson and he was so so nice and way cool. This family is so so prepared. Not only do we have them as investigators now, elder hilton and i were able to find a way cool kid on saturday night that we are going to meet with again on tuesday which i am way excited for. He seems way cool and was really interested in learning more and wants to know more about what happens after death. My faith has truly been strengthened by these experiences and I am doing all I can to keep this drive, this fire, going and burning. It's a great time to be a missionary in the Lithuania.

    The package hasn't come yet but your letter did. It should come this week since it didn't last week. Ya that email from Sis. Dance is because in Riga, when they pick up packages from missionaries serving there, they sometimes have to pay a shipping fee and that requires them to use their own money so that's why they said to make sure it is under 50 dollars. It doesn't really effect here cause if I have to pay a few extra LT's then it's from us. BTW, was there supposed to be pics in the letter you sent. Anna made it sound like there was pictures she put in there but there weren't any. 

     Next monday will be zone conference so I won't be emailing on monday. We wouuld be having p-day on tuesday but elder hilton and i have to go to the hospital for his toe. It is way swollen and way bad looking so right after zone conference, which will be in Kaunas, we have to go to Vilnius and we don't know how long we will have to be there so just a little heads up so you know I will be emailing .....sometime next week :D

     The branch is still struggling with getting people to come to church but we are still working hard. I love the memebers in this branch so much and I want to do all I can to help them. We are all thinking of ways to get the less actives to come back and to help more people come to the church. 

     Hhahah wow now I do feel dumb for forgetting parker's b-day. But now I know :D It's coming up really quick. Time, like you said, has flown by so so quick. It's crazy. In just a short 2 weeks it will be transfers. These past two transfers with elder hilton have gone by so so quick. I have been having a lot of fun serving with him. I can see a lot of big changes are going to happen this upcoming transfer. 

     Well that's all the real big updates for this past week. It was a really good week. :D I love being here and I am learning lithuanian faster and faster every week which is a true gift and help from God. I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you again. 

       Su meile,
          Dzemsas Sanfordas

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