Email from James - February 7, 2011

Dear Family,
Your email was pretty intesnse with all of those crazy stories happening. I hope everything goes ok with everyone. I will pray for Cambrey. That is so so scary. I hope she is doing all right. Tanner and I emailed last couple of P-days and emailed eatchother's mail addresses so we are going to start wrighting eachother.
So conference yesterday was awesome. I have been really studying and learning from our scripture reading on how to better strengthen my faith in finding people and what it truly means to have faith. I have been starting to use a study journal which has been an amazing thing for me. I never understood what personal revelation was until I started using one. It's amazing! As I was studing about faith and what not, I got the impression of a sort of "quote" that is now my new favorite quote from me. It is, " We can have faith, but with the wrong attitude, we can loose miracles". I shared that in my testimony yesterday at conference and a lot of the missionaries said that is one of their favortie quotes now. haha. I have just been loving the scriptures so much. Right now we are in Alma 10. I have never had a scripture relate to me so much as Alma 8 did to me. I wrote a ton in my study journal about that scripture and my thoughts and my impressions about it. I'm still not done wrighting about it. :D
Funny news, so Elder Hilton and I are still in Vilnius. We went to the hospital this morning after a sweet Borne Identity Taksi ride. hahahah I love riding in Taksi's here. They drive so so fast and they cruise in and out of traffic. Totally a highlight of traveling to Vilnius. I always look forward to riding in taksis. Anyways, so Elder Hilton had his toe looked at.....And..... we have to stay here for possibly a couple more days. For sure tonight but possibly an extra day. They told him he needed to come back tomorrow and he would like him to come back on thursday too. We were hoping he would have had it all done today. They did some work on it. We waited for along time and finally they checked his toe. We both went into the room where the doctor was. I had been reading the book of mormon the whole time as we were reading cause I didn't do my reading for yesterday. So I sat in a chair and began reading. They doctor quickly told me to wait outside. So I got up and went out. As I did, they shut the door. I have never felt so much worry and great concern for a companion before. I couldn't even read I was so worried cause I wasn't there with him to make sure everything was ok. Hahaha I truly love Elder Hilton. He has been such a great companion and it was funny that I would worry about him so much. We are always together so I never knew what it would be like to have to be shut out of another room. He said he was worried too when I had to leave. I gave him a blessing this morning before we went to the hospital and that was such a neat experiene to do. Transfers are next week and I am going to be so sad if we aren't companions. I'm pretty sure he is transering cause he has been there for a while and there are going to be huge changes for this transfer. So yep, we will be here for tonight as well. We won't be able to go out and work cause he has to elevate his toe which is a bummer cause Vilnius is so cool at night. :D I want to take you guys here so so badly. It's so big and pretty!
We got a couple of new investigators. One is a younger guy, I think I already told you about him. But we found a cool older man on sunday night. He was born and raised in russia but thankfully speaks broken lithuanian. He was way cool and we were able to have somewhat of a lesson with him. We gave him a pamphlet about the gospel and set up another appointment to meet with him again this week, ( that is if we ever make it back to klaipeda haha). Missionary work has been going really good. I love it! My love for the people and this wonderful country grows more and more everyday :D
Your package hasn't come yet but it should for sure come this week. Mail has been completely dead this week for everyone. We heard the snow in Chicago and around there has been really bad so we think that is why mail is taking so long. It will get here so don't worry.
It has been raining a lot here and warming up a little so the snow has been meling which I love a ton. I can finally see lots of grass :D Problem is, with all of the rain, comes.... ice. Oh yea, I have fallen so much these past couple of weeks. I even fall when I think i'm walking carefully. I fell really hard this one time flat on my back, it was funny, but I smacked my wrist way hard and it snapped the band on my watch. The metal, not the part where you can slip in a new one (which is bad), was acting a little loose and when I fell it completely snaped it. I am able to line up the metal but there's no way that the watch people here could fix it. So, I found a solution, Elder Manning had some black duck tape so I used that and now it's pretty much how it was before except there is black tape on part of it. You can't even notice, I can't at least cause I can't see it when I'm looking at my watch. hahaha :D I will have to take a pic and send it next week :D
I'm am doing super here and just loving missionary work and everything about it and growing so much in my love for the gospel and all it means to me. :D I love you all so so much and am so so thankful to have the best family in the world who loves and supports me so much. Thank you so much for all you do for me. As always, I will be excited to hear from you again next week :D Happy Birthday to Parker too!!!!! You will have to send pics of his hamster. Su Gimima Diena Parkeriai!!!!!!

           Su daug meilu,
                   Vyresnysis Dzemsas Sanfordas

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