Email from James - February 14, 2011

Sviekas Dad and everyone,
Well as I emailed last week, you kinda know how the week was. We thankfully got to leave Vilnius on wednesday so we were happy about that. On the bus ride home, which takes about 5 hours to fully do to Klaipeda, I just slept the whole way cause I was way tired from having to sleep on a coach for a couple of days. I really want to show you Vilnius after my mission. Its a way huge city and looks really cool at night with all the cathedrals and all the buildings are all lit up. I love it there. I really want to serve there in the summer cause the streets are just packed with people when it's warm and that makes contacting lots of fun. :D I was able to do it for a few days last summer when I would have to stay there and I just loved it.
I got the package and I literally felt like a pirate opening that box up. It felt like it was a treasure chest cause right as I saw all the Mac and Cheese, I was literally the happiest elder alive. I had a box last week and I never thought in my whole life I would miss Macn Cheese so much. It tasted like Heaven. I will send a funny picture I took. Elder Hilton doesn't like Macn Cheese so he just laughed as I would take a bite and say how amazing it is everytime. Your going to find I will be really funny when I'm home cause we always talk about how amazing it will be to have wendy's, arby's, taco bell, spaghetios, macn cheese, etc again :D I love love love the spirit soundtrack too. Oh it is so so good to hear again. I'm way exctied to get mom's other package with the recipe books. I will make sure to treat them very special.
Hahah I laughed about Austin's farewell and how one of the deacons read the talk from General Conference. I would have probably started laughing if I was there. :D It's crazy how fast time has flied cause it feels like you just barely told me when Austin got his call and when his talk was and now he just gave it. BTW last monday was my 10 month mark. Crazy!! Before I know it, it will be 11 months.
Ya Anna sent a picture of the hamster. It's a little hard to see cause the pic is blurryish and the hamster is in the ball. I bet Parker and Anna just love that thing. It has been a real long time since we had a hamster. Good ol Hammie. :D hahah I love all the names you have for it. I will throw in a name. Hmmm I like Dovilinute. :D hahaha it's like little dovile which is a girls name in Lithuanian. You would have to here how to corectly pronounce how to say the name. I hope the hamster will still be around when I get home. That would be way funny to see :D
Grandma mentioned how Grandpa was already working on the sequel of his first book and that you are working on the cover with him for it. I'm way excited to read the books after my mission. It will be cool cause í'm the star :D hahaha. Definitely get a copy for me. You should tell him that he needs to go to Lithuania in the book. :D
I'm not sure if President Dance would let us see the handbook or not. He would probably say we don't need to worry about seeing it and we just need to focus on PMG and the standard works. lol. I think it would be way cool to see what they say about missionary work. You will have to send bits from it.
I think that is so cool how you have pics of me on your display thing. Hopefully with my pics, we are getting more succes there :D hahaha. I will try to take more pics of us doing work. It's kinda hard to do but I have taken some pretty cool ones :D Today is a very very cold day. I took a pic of the thermo outside this morning and it was -17C. BRRRR. It looks like a beautiful clear sunny day but whenever that happens, that always means it's going to be freezing outside. I will send a pic of some of our English Class. Not everyone was there today but most of them where. I love the english class here so much! We tooks pics with them cause this could possibly be Elder Hilton's last week here. Transfers are this wednesday so we are pretty anxious to hear what will happen. :D I will let you know the exciting news next week. Another funny thing, the branch president, Donatis, printed each of us out a page of the Russian Alphabet and how to say each character so we can sing hymns in russian and know how to read so we are all going to try and have it memorized by this sunday then Donatis will quiz us hahaha. I'm excited!

Give everyone a big hug for me and tell them I love them. BTW Happy Valentine's day!!! :D
          su daug mielu,
                Dzemsas Sanfordas 

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