Email from James - February 21, 2011

Dear Family,

Transfer Updates! Well Elder Manning is no longer with Elder Nelson, the new missionary. He went to Vilnius to be the Zone Leader. Elder Nelson is still here in Klaipeda with Elder Hengst who was in the MTC with me. Elder Hilton isn't my comp anymore. I am still in Klaipeda but i'm with Elder Hyer now. He is such an awesome elder. I was hoping I would be comps with him. We are already loving being together. He is way funny and we work so well together. He struggles with the language so he wants me to help him a lot with the language. So I guess you can say I am sorta the Senior Companion but not really. Ha. He's so great though. He has such a great attitude about everything. At church, Pres. Blinduruk said we had two new missionaries, elder hyer kinda stood up and waved and everyone chuckled. Then Pres. B said they would have elder hyer come up first to bear his testimony and then elder hengst. Elder Hyer didn't move and was just looking around. He looked at me and I pointed to go up there. He got up slowly and said what do I do? haha I told him to just bear his testimony. :D He laughed about it after. President and Sister Dance were here for church too so we got to hear them speak. They came over to the other elder's apt. too after church and we all ate together. It was fun! This transfer is going to be way awesome. He wants to go running with me too when it starts warming up soon. Everyone here knows me as the runner/sportsy guy so whenever people say if we are comps, they want me to get them in shape. :D

Nothing really too exciting to report other thant the transfer. We have been teaching this older man who is easily distracted so teaching is always a joke. haha. He feeds us everytime we come over which is nice. As far as progressing, it's a slow process and sometimes I wonder if he even remembers after :D He's great though. We have had a lot of the cool youth in our english class come to activities lik Family Night and what not which is way good. It has been really cold this week so that hasn't been too fun but I get used to it.

I'm sorry this email might be kinda boring. Nothing that exciting happened this week except for transfers and stuff that really wouldn't make sense if I told it to you. I am way happy to still be here in Klaipeda. It's such a great are and the branch is just awesome. I love them to death. I think this has been my favorite area even more so than Kaunas. I just feel really close here. Hahah I just really have nothing more to say. I pray this next week will have some new investigators so I can have something more exciting to say. Just know that I truly am loving it here and being a missionary is awesome! I am excited to see pictures of Parker's new hamster and it's way crazy that Anna is almost sixteen. At times, as missionaries, you just feel like the world is just at pause at home and when we return the world will start moving again so when I hear crazy news it makes me realize things won't be the same at home :D Oh funny thing, at Maxima, by the theater, they have the posters for movies. Oh my gosh they already have posters for the new Pirates movie! I just kept saying with Elder Hyer jokingly reasuring ourselves that everything will be ok, " Eternal perspective, Eternal perspective":D I will be very excited to see that when I am home. :D

I will be excited to hear from you next week. I love you all so so much and thank you so much for all you do for me. Tell everyone hi for me back home!

             Su daug mielu,
                    Elder James Sanford

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