Email from James - June 20, 2010


       I checked out the blog and I thought it was so so cool! Thanks for doing that DAD. Also the address is right. It does look a little short but it's right. And you can put they can put the letters in normal letters like if they were just writing a normal letter, like when I was at the MTC. The mail gets sent to a huge Paštas( mail center) where we go pick up the mail, on Laisvės Aleja. It is a huge strip/ outisde shopping center. It's one of the longest ones in Europe. They are really cool stores that line along them. We do a lot of contacting here. 

       Things have been going really well. I'm sending off the two tapes and a letter today. So you should get it probably next week. :D You can use those tapes or just get new ones. lol. You could keep those or whatever. I have really come to love Kaunas. Even though the people are sometimes crazy or really mean to us, I love them anyway. I love the billboards all over Kaunas that have a site in Kaunas then another site from around the world in it. Then it says "Tai Mano Meistas, nesvarbu kur bučiau." "This is my city, It's not important where I go." We are going to get some of those post cards so you can see them. but they have huge billboards of them all over Kaunas. 

       The language is still coming more and more. Very slowly though lol. I have gotten down the phrases. "ne turi liko" or "man nerekia" or "aš zeniau apie jusų bažnyčia" or "kas norit?" lol which means 'I don't have enought time", "I don't need it", " I know about your church" and "what do you want?". :D I love it. Most of the time when we do street contacting and we go up to people and say hi, they won't even acknowledge us lol. Bet buna, but it happens. 

       I have recorded a lot of the funny and crazy experiences on the tapes so you will be able to hear lots. :D This place is so so great. I hope in the future I will be able to take you here and show you all around. I have only been in Kaunas so it will be cool to see the other cities too. :)

       The picture on the blog of the cobblestone street is in Old Town. It's down the walkway down from Laisvės Aleja. It's so pretty. There are huge Cathedrals and a really old castle down there. They are fixing part of the Castle but it should be done soon then we can walk through it. 

        It has been cloudy and rainy a lot these past few days. Elder Hatch hates the rain but I love it. It gives everything a really cool European look :D. In some regions, I feel like I am in a cool WWII movie lol. 

        Elder Hatch is from Washington. We both kinda laughed when we read that mom wanted to write to his mom. lol :D I love you mom. :)

        But all is very well here. I feel though after serving here, I will have no fears of any scary parts of cities in the Americas lol. :D I miss you all and remember you in my prayers. The Branch has loved seeing pics of you :D They want to see pics of the house and of the family more. They love pictures here :D

          I can't wait to hear back from you :D 

          Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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