Letter from James - May 29, 2010

Dear seimas,

     So I didn't get to tell you something really cool in my last email letter - Elder D. Todd Christofferson (an apostle) spoke to us last Tuesday. He talked a lot about how we have joined the Brethren in the great call to spread the gospel. He said a powerful line that I love; "Teach with such power that the people cannot disbelieve." It was a really good talk.

     Afterwards, about 30 of us missionaries were waiting outside to wave goodbye to him. He came out and saw us then came over to us! He shook each of our hands. He came up to me and shook my hand and looked at my name tag while still holding my hand and with a puzzled look said, "Where are you going, Elder?" I said, chuckling, "Lithuania. I get that puzzled look a lot with Vyresnysis." He laughed and said, "No wonder. I can't say that. Well, good luck, Elder." It was so cool to shake an Apostle's hand.

     On Wednesday I got to be a new missionary host for the new missionaries arriving that day to the MTC. It brought back so many memories of the day I first came to the MTC. I was able to host six missionaries. I would take their bags and them take them to their rooms and then to the Bookstore, then to their classroom. I think we might be doing it again this coming Wednesday.

     We received our flight plans! So here's the schedule:
      7:15 am  -  Leave SLC
      8:42am  -  Arrive Denver
    10:06 am  -  Leave Denver
     3:37pm  -  Arrive Washington D.C.

     5:45pm  -  Leave Washington D.C.
     7:40am  -  Arrive Frankfurt, Germany

     10:55am  -  Leave Frankfurt, Germany
     2:00pm  -  Arrive Riga, Latvia

     I laughed because I remember how you, dad, guessed I would be going to New York because I would fly into there, but I'm not on this flight. :D

     We leave at 4am from the MTC on June 7th. I am nervous and way excited. Our teacher just barely talked to us about accents. Oy - I have been saying so many things wrong. I don't feel too confident in the language. It's been a way stressful and hard two weeks, but I'm still trying. I'm going to study a ton on the plane flights - LOL.

     I included some more pictures. Send some family pics to me, too. I have been writing grandma Sanford a lot and she sent me some family pictures. It made me happy.

     So dad, make sure to put on the Blog and Facebook for people not to write to the mission home. Because it is in Riga, Latvia and not Lithuania, it takes the mail a lot longer to get to us. I will write home and give you my address once I arrive and you can post on the sites.

     Thank you all so much for the love and support. I miss you all so much and can't wait to call you from the airport.

     As labai myliu jus!
     Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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