Letter from James - May 13, 2010

          So MTC has been amazing this week. The language got really hard. I got really frustrated when we had to do our SYL( speak your own language) at certain parts of the day. We have set times we do it everyday. So I set a new goal for the upcoming  monday that I would study more and practice speaking more, even if it wasn't right. So I did. The results were amazing. I plead with the Lord for help with this very hard task. But, I can speak so much more than I ever have before. At TRC, where we teach our "investigators", went so good. BTW the "investigators" are missionaries who served in Lithuania. So they speak fluent Lithuanian. Anyway, teaching went so so well. We taught the second lesson. Right as we walked in and I said hello to our investigators, this immediate feeling of love and great excitment to share this wonderful gospel came over me. I couldn't stop speaking and sharing scriptures. Helvis, who is Latvian but served in Lithuania, was blown away lol. He gave me a bro hug after and said in his funny accent, " Elder, keep up that excitment to share your love for this gospel and so many people will be converted and listen to you." I was so happy after. Me and my comp did a little dance after. lol.

          Another awesome thing also this week was Jeffery R. Holland came and spoke at our devotional on Tuesday. Oh my gosh I love his talks he gives. He speaks with such power. I took so many notes. He spoke about how important it is to not waste one minute on your mission. He also said, when he starts powerfullly yelling/speaking, " You better have at least one convert after your mission, And It Better BE YOU!" He also talked about how he has no compasion towards the Elders who go home early he said so amazingly and powerfully," Don't your dare go home! You have no right to go home! Don't you dare go home after your mission and leave this faith! Do not let the primary children down who look up to you and my grandchildren!" He said so many other things that I loved. It got me so excited and the spirit was so so strong. I was so happy to hear from him. After we all waited along the road to wave goodbye to him and his wife. It was raining and as he drove by he rolled down the window and said sarcastically, " Get out of the rain! lol" It was funny :D

          I have been here over 5 weeks! Time is flying by and I haven't even gotten out to the field. I can't wait to get out there! As I see missionaries leave it gets me so so excited. We all can't stop talking about when we will finally be there serving.

          I love u all so much! Tell everyone I love them and thanks so much for the goodie packages and the letters. They make me so so happy when I get them
               Myliu,   Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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