Letter from James - May 20, 2010

2 and a half more weeks left til I fly out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         I'm so excited! This week has been so so good. I have studied and prayed so much for this language to come, and it has. I have seen the Lords hand in my life. We switched teaching companions so Sis. Alldredge and I taught together last night at TRC. It was so so so so good. The spirit was so strong. Our investigator went from not knowing if God even knew or cared about her to feeling his love. I learned I know so much LIthuanain if I don't worry about it and just share my thoughts and feelings about the gospel. It was so so good, I can't even describe it. At the end I bore my testimony, and I started tearing up cause the spirit was so strong. I could see and feel God's love for me and his great love for those I teach. :D

         President Dance wrote to us. :D He told us he is so excited for us to come out to Riga. He also said we would be proslyting our first day in Latvia :D I guess the youth and a lot of the adults can speak english so that's how we will do that. I'm so so so excited. A lot of the other missionaries were getting way nervous but I have grown to really love this gospel so much that I will do anything for it. I get so excited and happy now when we got to TRC. I used to get really nervous but now it's more so excited to share the wonderful message of this gospel. I can't tell you how excited I am to go. It's coming so quickly.

         Tomorrow we are having a full day of SYL ( speak your language). I'm so excited. We have been having all of our classtime in Lithuanain and it has been way fun :D It's cool to sit at lunch and talk in Lithuanian. All of the english missionaries just watch us in awe lol. It's so fun.

        So ya my first companionship was Elder Hengst and Elder Hilton and me –  a three-some. Then a solo Elder, Elder Lippert came, and I became his companion.  But he just left for Chicago. It's so sad, all the Greek missionaries visas got declined so they all got permant reassignments. Instead of going to Greece half went to Chicago and half went to New York. they were all really excited though. Elder Lippert and I became really close. We also called eachother Tulio and Miguel like on El Dorado. I was miguel. He left at 3 in the morning and i got up and we talked til he left lol. Surpirsingly I wasn't tired the next day.

         I'm really loving it here and I have been making lots of friends and have really grown a lot in loving this gospel. My love for the savior has grown so so much. I wouldn't be anywhere without his and my heavenly father's help. I love the Lithuanian people and i haven't even met them yet. I can't wait to serve them and bring them the happy message of the true gospel of chirst.

         It's funny. we taught another teacher in English and after we all said we hard a hard time teaching the lessons. In Lithuanian we teach in a more simpliar way and it's more comfortable for us now. I feel it's better cause it helps the investigator to understand what we are saying cause we speak slowly and very simply. Don't be surprised if my english starts to go away. one day after class, speaking only Lithuanian, I was struggling to read english :D

           I love you all so much. Thanks so much for your great love and support. Telll the young woman thanks so much for the cards and candy. It really made my day.
                    Su labai myliu,

                   Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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