Email from James - August 30, 2010

Labas Visiems!

Ya I can't believe September is almost here. I can sure feel it. It hasn't gotten quite cold out of nowhere. All last week we wore our longer shirts and suit coats on some days. It was a very good summer for me. I'm going to miss the heat. 

    So oh my gosh, Kiev Temple dedication was amazing. The spirit was so so strong. We were at all three sessions. We had to check everyone's recommends and stuff but we watched all the sessions. Oh President Monson is so funny. The first session they "layed" cemented in the corner stone. He did it then he would let some of the kids come up. To a boy with red hair he would say, come here tiger. :D He was just cracking jokes. I love the prophet. Then after as they walked back into the temple, he waved goodbye then sang the end of the song " goodbye" from the Sound of Music. All the talks were so good in each session. For the last two, President Motiunez translated the talks in Lithuanian. So we would hear the talk being given in english, then when the russian translator there would translate, Pres. M. would translate. So I understood the whole time lol. The Kiev temple is so pretty though. I really want to go there. But in one the talks, the spoke about how that temple was the fist temple the in the Eastern Europe. The said now all of eastern europe: estonia, latvia, lithuania, ukraine, then he named them all off. It was so cool. :D But they spoke about how no longer the philosophies of men and deep cultures thwart the work of god in the east. It is continuing throughout the whole world. It made me cry cause serving in east europe is really hard. It's hard to explain but all the of the missionaries were crying. :D But before and after each session, they had recordings of MOTAB singing and they would show temples. They kept showing Oquirrah MTN. and I wouuld tell people my house is right by there. They were like, you are so so lucky. It's a gorgeous temple. It really made me miss the temple. But being at the dedication, I felt like I was in the temple. The spirit was so strong and powerful. I didn't want it to end. It is an experience I will never forget.

     So tell mom Elder Porter doesn't know when his farewell will be cause when they get back they are going camping then the next week I think it's ward conference or something but he as her email so I think he will email her or something. I will have his address when he writes in my friendbook. :D

     Ya we will get transfer calls this tuesday and wednesday to find out the transfers! I'm excited to see what happens. Last transfer I for sure knew I was staying in Kaunas but now I don't know what will happen. It's exciting!

     Yay go Bingham! I say a liscense plate that had BHS and it made me smile. It blows my mind thinking that Anna is in highschool. It feels like I just graduated. I hope she enjoys it though. I'm excited to get her letter and moms. Highschool adventures are fun. ;D I want to get these stickers that new drivers have to have on their cars for her. They have to fave a sticker that has an M on if they are learning then they have to have a sticker that has a green leaf on it for a year to show they are new drivers. It puts ristrictions on how fast they can drive and what not. Btw anna, they can't get a liscense til they are 18 here so don't feel to bad if you have to wait :D waiting til 16 isn't too long.

     Funny story, lol. So last week Elder Porter got a little cold but nothing too bad. Then I started to get it. Then so did Elder manning a couple days later. But I got a bad flu on Friday, My temp. was 101 so we didn't go contacting that day. I slep the whole day. But now I feel better. Just a little sore throat. But it's funny, our apartment is sniffs and coughs lol. It's going to keep going around and around. haha. Just until transfers though. :D

      No worries about the tape/cd. When it comes it comes :D I am excited to get it though. I haven't recorded in a while but I need to. :D I will soon though then I will send it off. 

      Ya last tuesday we sent elder Hatch off. It was sad yet exciting at the same time. We could all tell that he was way excited to see his family again. :D Elder Porter is way excited for his departure on thursday. Elder Manning and I give him a hard time cause he is way trunky lol.

      But ya fun stuff happens everyday. I write funny things that happen in my planner. So it's like my little side journal :D

      I love you all so much and stay safe!
                Su meile.    Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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