Email from James - September 20, 2010

Hey Dad,

   So another good week in the books. Time seriously does fly by. It's crazy. It helps when we have two english classes every week and district meeting and then before I know it, church comes then it's P-day all over again. :D   That's so cool about the photoshoot! I like the tag-line a lot. When your a missionary, you look at quotes in a missionary perspective so that's what I did. :D Every sunday Elder Morrel updates us on how BYU and the other Utah colleges are doing in football. lol

    Stake Conference sounded like it was very good. Ya they are starting to change some of the ways we teach. On the PMG DVD they have a sort of show/movie of following missionaries and watching them teach and what not. They just barely came out with a new one and it's called District 2. We love it! The elders in this one are more real. It's not acting or anything and they teach real investigators. It gives us ideas on how to teach better. But, some of the elders on the video are hillarious. lol. It makes zone conference and traning meetings very interesting. But the new ideas on how to teach have really been helping alot. Sounds like your still the same busy Bishop/Dad. :D It's good to have to keep on your toes, i guess. lol

    That's awesome Tanner may get his visa soon! I don't feel so bad for him cause I had to tough it out in there for the whole two months. The MTC was definitely one of the hardest parts of my mission. It really works on you.

    So cool story from this week. We have been teaching this new guy named Sigitas. He is really nice and always gives us snacks when we come over. Anyway, we taught him the first lesson about a week ago. Then on friday, we asked if he had read from the Book of Mormon and he said he hadn't. So we picked up ours and said, " that's ok, we can read together right now."  So we read two chapters then asked him to keep reading and to pray about it. We then taught about the importance of prayer and why we pray. At the beginning of the lesson he didn't want to say the prayer and he said he didn't know how. We thought he would say that and created a plan beforehand. So we pulled out the gospel pamphlet and read about prayer and taught him how to pray. So we ended the lesson and we knelt in prayer. After Elder Lieshman said the prayer, before we stood up, we asked if he would say it. He hesitated but he agreed to do it. So he began the prayer and then sat there for a while. The spirit became so strong as we sat there in silence. He said he didn't know what to say. We didn't say anything and just waited. He then thanked Heavenly Father for us being there to teach him, for his family, etc. Then he asked if the Book of Mormon was true. Then he ended the prayer. It was such a good prayer. After, he had a new light about him. He smiled so big. I know the Lord heard his prayer and he felt something different.

     We are meeting tonight with another one of our new investigators from English Class. He speaks english cause he is from Turkey and moved here to marry his wife. His name is Gokan. He is so so nice and very humble. He actually came up to us and said he wanted to meet with us. I'm so excited for tonight.

    Vytalijus has disappeared and doesn't answer our phone calls. It really made me sad because him and i had become really good friends and I really thought he would try and keep his baptismal date we set. I never thought I would feel so much love for people I didn't know just a few months ago. I love missionary work. Every person I see means so much to me and it makes me sad when they say no. But we keep searching.

     So I thought I would ask you for something. I was wondering if you could get me a leather zip case for my triple combination (Book of Mormon, D&C, and POGP) in Lithuanian. Like the ones you have for your scrips. I measured it and its 5.1/2 in. X  8.1/2 in. It's a little bigger then the ones you have but some of the missionaries have some and I want mine to be protected. Black would be the best coler too. If you could that would be awesome.

     Also, when you send your package, the elders families send theirs to the city they are serving at. It gets here a lot faster and now we don't have zone conferences as often I won't get it for a while if you send it to Riga. So you should send the package to where i'm serving. But I may transfer out of this city so don't send it to kaunas. :D

      Elder Morrel is challenging us in a shot out in B-Ball today. We made a goal to get 7 new investigators and Elder Morrell said he would buy us lunch again if we made it. We got six. So, being Elder Morrel, he saide he would challenge us in a shoot out so if we win he will buy us lunch. lol :D I haven't played B-ball in a while so we will see how it goes. :D

      I love hearing from you everyweek. It makes me so happy to hear from home and to know you guys are all doing good. I can't wait to get that tape. In the letter to mom I said I want all the teasing, laughing, goofiness, of my family on the tape. No routines :D I also want to get a lot of pics too :D of the family, home, people. lots :D

      I can't wait to hear from you. Stay safe and find all the happiness of being an american and being a member of this wonderful church. :D
              su meile, 
                  Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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