Email from James - September 6, 2010

Hello from Kaunas,

      Ya so transfers were last week and I'm still in the same area. Same address and everything. My comp is way cool. His name is Elder Leishman. He has only been out two transfers ahead of me so both of our language skills are about the same. It's going to be a very challenging transfer but a huge growing one. We get along so well. I can tell i'm going to really like this transfer.

      Nothing much new has happened. I'm feeling a lot better after that flu I had. We don't have any investigators in our area, by the way i'm back in the center apt. It's where Elder Porter and I were. So we are going to have lots of work to do. I'm excited!

     I laughed so hard when I heard about you recording. I want to hear it all. :D Also send lots of pics too. Elder Leishman has loads of pics of his house and family and what not and it made me think, I need more pics. :D It's crazy september is here already. Time is flying by. Before I know it, I will be on a plane coming home.

     Tell mom not to spoil those missionaries too much. Make them work a little lol. Elders here always kinda tease about the utah/american missionaries. The power in our Apt. goes out alot and we have to restart it lol. It's a joke ahaha. We really live like the people here. We have a small heater that tries to heat up our rooms at night. It works fairly well. :D

      I will send Elder Porter's address next week. I don't have it with me. You may miss it cause it may be this sunday but you can try.

     I'm excited to get letters from everyone. I haven't gotten letters from them in a while. :D
     Sorry it's a little short today, I didn't have much news happen. I won't be emailing til next wednesday cause we are having training next monday and tuesday.

     Su meile,
         V. Sanfordas

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