Email from James - November 15, 2010

Hey Dad, and everyone,

      Thanks for the package, I loved the gifts that were in it. That's such a cool book, I have looked through it and it's got some pretty cool stuff in it. And the tie is awesome. I'm wearing it today and for tomorrow at zone conference. It's such a good looking tie. And wow those fish crackers are like heaven. Elder Lieshman and I were talking about the snacks we missed in America last week and we were like oh I wish I had some fish crackers and when I opened that present, we both laughed. I'm trying to save them as much as I can :D We had a few and we just wanted to eat them all. I love the sweet blue bouncy ball. It is so so cool. Small things like that provide much entertainment as a missionary. :D We also laughed at when we blew up the balloons, and they were water balloons so they were really small :D It was awesome. I took a pic of it with my  comps camera but I don't have my card so I will send the long waited pics next week for sure. Thanks for the B-Day Cake Parker! I loved it and hopefully you wished for that I could learn the language faster and find people! :D Everyone wished me a happy birthday at church which was way nice of them :D They are so sweet to me. Thanks for posting the face book comments. That's cool how you could do that and I loved seeing how everyone said happy b-day!
I'm glad to hear you mailed off the camera charger last week. The camera won't even turn on it has no power. Hold off on mailing the other christmas package, if your planning on sending it to where i'm serving cause transfers are NEXT WEEK and I have a good chance of transfering to a new area. I will email where i'm at not this next monday, but the following monday. I really want to get that music, especially the spirit soundtrack and the equilibrium soundtrack, but if i'm in a new area, I don't want to have the other elders deal with holding on to the package for me. New music will be so nice, you have no idea. :D Thanks for sending it though, you guys are the best for doing so much for me. :D I got you all a little something that you will like that I will send with my coat. :D It's not much but I think it's cool. I also have 4 tapes I will send with it too. :D Lots of funny stories.
Wow it's finally getting cold in Utah, some of the other missionaries were saying that it kinda snowed/rained the past week. It got way cold over the weekend which made harvesting and contacting fun hahaha but today it feels nice outside, nice being that my face isn't numb within 5 minutes :D But like I always say, I can bear the cold cause i'm looking good in my new coat. :D I will send pictures of that too next week. 
Yay go Bingham! I'm glad to hear that they are doing good again this year! I still cant believe that Anna is in highschool. Oh the highschool memories :D That's awesome to hear that Austin is going to get his mission call soon!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to hear about that!!! He's going to be awesome. How is Travis doing on his mission papers?
Yay Training Meetings!!!! Those are always way fun! Not as fun as missionary training meetings but still fun. hahaha jk. That's funny they don't wan't to recite the Aaronic Preisthood thing. That was always a tradition lol. Zone conference is tomorrow and i'm so so excited. The last zone conference was the last time i had been out of Kaunas so it is going to be fun to get out for a bit. We are traveling up there tonight and then staying at one of the elder's apt's. The East Europe Mission President is coming to the meeting and is going to address us. I'm way excited. I can see we are going to learn a lot. :D
We got 12 new investigators as a District last week! We set a goal of 7 and did 12!!! We would call eatchother if we got a new investigator. That's sweet news, but Elder Leishman and I didn't help with any of them. We really wanted to help a lot and worked so so hard but we didn't get one new lesson in. It was a very rough week. On saturday, we went to an area and we were hoping to have a good way to end off the week. But, we got yelled at almost all the doors that someone was home and got shooed out of a place like a dog, and people were threatening to call the police. Ya, it was fun. So Sunday, Elder cooke noticed we were a little down so he said we would have a small exchange that night. So I was with him that night. We found a guy to talk to which was way good and him and I just talked for a long time which was way good. He is really nice to me and really helped me to pick my head up. This week is going to be a lot better, I can tell. Keep praying the work will go forward. I completely finished the Book of Mormon so I won't have to do that anymore for study, so i'm going to be studying lithuanian non-stop. :D
Have an awesome week!!!! I love you all soso much and thank you so so much for all you do for me!!! :D
             Su daug meilu,
                 V. Sanfordas

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