Email from James - October 18, 2010

Labas Tete,

So I don't think it snowed, it might have somewhere else but it didn't here. There is always a lot of frost all over so that kinda looks like snow. Ya the weather has gotten way way cold. This morning when we went to get groceries it was -3C. I'm just loving the cold. I wear that rain coat we got from Mr. Macs. It keeps me pretty warm. I'm so glad I have that sleeping bag. I sleep in that at night now. We can't use the small heater we have anymore cause it uses too much electricity and so it gets very cold at night but I can sleep in shorts and a t shirt in my sweet sleeping bag. My comp has a hoodie on and 4 blankets on him and i climb in bed with just that on. :D 

Ya so we looked at some coats and are still looking. They are pretty pricey but i'm trying to find one that's not too expensive. 

So transfers came and...... i'm still in Kaunas! HaHa everyone thinks it's so funny I have been here for 4 transfer in a row. I don't mind cause I love it here. I'm still with Elder Leishman in the center apt. So my address is still the same so you can send your package here. Also on the blog or facebook, can you just put like a note or whatever so people know i'm here and can know my address is still the same.

Poor Parker! I hope he gets better. I have been lucky so far and haven't gotten sick again. I hope parker boy gets better this week. It's no fun being sick. I'm glad you love him enough to clean up all his throw up. In lithuanian, vampti is to throw up but vamptis is to throw up all over yourself haha. That was really random but maybe you wanted to know what that was. :D
So i'm pretty jealous about how close you got to sit at that Jazz game. Are they using their old Jazz jerseys cause that's what it looks like how they are? Steve Nash is one of my favorite players so that's so cool you got to see him. I loved the pic. You were way close to the floor. 
Ya if I write someone I can just send the letter to you. I just figure it's kinda cooler to send hima letter and sometime the letter gets too stuffed. That's so cool all those young men got their eagles. I'm so so glad I got mine. Wow I totally do not remember asking Bro. Thorne that question. I probably was being a punk when I asked that.

I'm excited to get my package. They will say it will take about a week but it takes about 20 days for us to get the packages here. Ya send lots of pics. I want to have more pics of home and everyone and what not. Members too if you can :D 

Yes! i'm so glad to hear that Austin and Travis are getting their mission papers in! Yes! i'm so happy about that. I can't wait to hear about where they are going to. And Tanner and Brandon are heading off to their areas! That is so so cool! I'm so excited for them. I saw Jantsen in conference which was way awesome. He looks way good as a missionary :D Wow Cassie is engaged!!!! Weird lol. It's so weird when I hear about all my friends getting married. Elder Cooke, our xzone leader now DL is always saying girls are tools of the devil so we laugh and always say that about girls ahahahah. :D I love being a missionary!

So speaking of conference, OH MY GOSH AMAZING!!!!! Oh in my christmas package can you send the Ensign issue of the conference talks. Those talks were just so so so amazing. Priesthood session was so amazing. I was so blown away by the spirit. I took notes on all of them. They were so bold and I loved it. They need to be more bold to the youth these days. Priesthood by far was my favorite. That guy from England was such a good speaker. I really liked his talk about not being rebeious and lazy and not taking any deators. His accent was way sweet too. We always quote it. But ya conference was just oh so good!

Hahaha oh finding Halloween costumes! I'm sure Aj and Todd are having fun with finding those. Ya parker's following in his big brother's footsteps and being the old cowboy. ahahah I lauged about the stappling to the nose thing. He's so funny. :D I can't wait to hear him on the tape along with all you. I am going to finish one more tape, 3 all together, and put in the christmas package I will send. OH  we have mice again! That's funny, suprisingly we don't have mice or ants here in our apt. You would think we would but we don't. It probaly helps that we live on the top flour of our apt.

So I started off this transfer good with speaking in church yesterday for Elder Cooke on a short notice ( saturday night ). I wrote a quick talk up about the Book of Mormon and why it is important. Everyone was so sweet after and tould me the spirit was so strong and that I spoke very well etc. I love the members here! They are so sweet to us. I helped the older sisters members with their computer. They didn't know how to write stuff onto a cd. So I taught them all how to do it and they were so amazed at how simple it was. After they were like your our angel here cause your always smiling. One of the older sisters after I taught her to work her laptop, she was having troubles with it, she's like I would hug you but your a missionary. I said after my mission you can lol. I love the members here. They were happy to hear I was going to be here for another transfer. I hope, after being here for 4 transfers, I will be able to serve here again in kaunas. If not this is our most important stop to visit after mission. :D

We had a very very bad week this week in teaching. We only taught one lesson with a less active and that was it. I was able to place a book of mormon but the cute family couldn't meet but they said to stop by their house. We pray this week will be more successful. 

I'm excited for my package and to hear from all of you! :D Thanks for all the support and help dad with getting a coat and what not. :D You're the best!

Stay happy and remember to keep serving the Lord
            Su meile
                 Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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