Email from James - October 11, 2010

Brangus Tetė,

     Oh goodness I didn't want to know a percentage. AAAAH! It's going too quick. :D Ya transfers are this week, they weren't last week so next email I will let you know if I went to a new area or not. Branches here are very awesome. The members make me laugh, just by how their thought process of how a church runs and what not. They sometimes goes a little too overboard with things but I guess that's why we are here :D I love them all so much though. They asked if I would be here next transfer and I told them I didn't know so they were all thanking me in case I left. We watched the sunday sessions of conference at the church yesterday. I didn't understand a lot. Thankfully we are watching them this week with the Morrels in english. :D If I get transfered, I will have to watch preisthood session on a p-day or something. 

     The weather has been pretty cold. HaHa mornings are not fun at all. Our little heater we have been using through the nite apparently uses too much power so we can't use it so it's quite cold in the morning. So during studies, I just sit in my sleeping bag. :D I'm so so happy we got that. My comp laughs when I'm all in it but I laugh at him when he complains it's cold. The sun has been going down sooner and sooner everyday. It gets dark now at about 6:30. and it's only going to get darker. Last week the sun went down at 7:30. 

     Oh how I miss mom's amazing brownies and cookies :D when you mentioned that in the email I got way hungry. I bet that was a way good testimony meeting to hear every bear their testimony. It's such a specail opportunity when I get to beat my testimony to someone. Well it starts off as special then they just go on like it was nothing and continue to not believe. lol but I know God knows I meant it and that it was from my heart. :D We were able to have a very good lesson this week with a younger couple. The husband is from Turkey and we met him through english class. His wife is lithuanian. They both speak english and he is learning lithuanian. The lesson went really well. He is hard to find time to meet with cause he works a lot but we pray they will want to learn more. We gave them a book of mormon and invited them to read and pray about it. I hope they will.

    OOO look out world, Anna is driving! I did feel a disturbance in the force that the durango was feeling that it was in danger. HaHa! HaHa I laughed so hard when you said Parker was repeating things you said to Anna. I can totally picture him doing that. I miss hearing his little voice. It blew my mind in the letter I got from mom that said he knows how to read a little bit. :D He's growing up so quick. It makes me very happy to hear that he still remembers me. 

    Tell everyone i'm doing super and I love it so much here. Lithuanian is the best place in all of Europe :D hahaha. That's really neat how they all ask about me though, members and non-members. No worries dad, I love it here! A missionary a year back had to go home to get surgery on his hand, I won't tell you why :D, but he refused to have doctors here work on his hand so he got it worked on in American then served there till his mission was over. I love it here so much that I will have to be on the brink of death before they have to send me home to America :D I do not want to leave this mission until my time is fully up!

     Give everyone a big hug for me :D This week we get to finish watching conference and i'm so excited! You forgot to get me Bro. Ashton's address :D I have a letter I want to send to him. Thanks for helping me out with getting the coat and the cd's and being there for me. I'm so blessed to have great parents supporting me the whole way. During Elder Holland's talk on saturday, it made me tear up cause it made me realize so much more how grateful I am for you and how much you do for me. I can never do enough to repay for all the wonderful things you do for me. Thank you so much! I love you all so much.

         Su meile,
            Vyresnysis Sanfordas

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