Email from James - April 11, 2011

Hello family,
Ya so we went to the school again but Augustinas wasn't able to meet. He left before we got a chance to talk to him. That made us a little worried but we are still going to try and meet with him. That's way cool about that find in Bordeaux. I really want to find a solid person like that. As of right now, we have no new investigators so it's gets a little hardsome but we keep trying.
That's way crazy that Anna already went to her first highschool dance. Her group looks pretty fun, well they are all from drama so i'm sure everyone enjoyed their group even if the weren't in it. I hope she had a fun time. I still remember my first dance very well.
Geez your work didn't sound fun at all. I'm sorry you had to work that much. That's awesome you are saying that family time and your health are more important than working. Haha I loved the quote by Indiana Jones. :D I am quite known among the mission for being the movie guru. I always quote movie scenes and stuff. Ofcourse that will probably end once the new missionaries start coming in starting next transfer and they will have seen all the new movies that are out and we will have no idea what they are talking about :D
Ya the weather here isn't too great either. Thankfully no snow but it has been raining pretty much everday and it's pretty cold. We were finally hoping to play some basketball today but it's raining so we can't.
It has been fun to read over the stuff I wrote in my journal a year ago from when I first went into the MTC. It feels like yesterday when I wrote that. It's crazy to say to myself that was a year ago. Time doesn't really seem that big when your on a mission. It does at first, like when you first enter the MTC, but once it gets going, you don't even notice how fast time slips by.
Conference was amazing! I loved every part about it. You will for sure have to get me an ensign. I took a ton of notes while watching. I learned so much and it gave me an added boost to make this last year of my mission really count. If you do send one, can you put that paper cover on it, the last ensign has some water damage on it and I don't want a nice general conference ensign to get ruined. :D It was funny to see conference on saturday all nice and warm looking and then on sunday, snow. Crazy utah weather. It was sad that less people showed up to watch conference at church then show up to actual church on sunday. There were so many things that would be so good for this branch to hear. Thankfully we will be able to go over them in preisthood throughout the year.
I'm excited for you to go to Omaha soon. That will be a lot of fun. Grandma sounds really excited for all of you to go over. She told me that when grandpa went in to get a root canal, they dentist is LDS and they were talking about me. So now when grandpa comes in, the dentist alway aks how I am doing and what not. That's so cool! I'm not sure what we will do for easter here. We will have to make something tasty. We had mashed potatoes, brokoli, and some really good chicken yesterday that was really yummy. :D
I forgot to say that I finished the Book of Mormon again for our mission wide reading. Oh it was so so good and I got a lot out of it. It has been fun to look over what I wrote down in my study journal. Personal Revelation is such an amazing thing. So now i'm reading the Book of Mormon over again in Lithuanian. It has been so cool cause I can read it and understand what it's saying. I love learning this language and the Lord has truly helped me a lot. I am also reading the New Testament and that has been really neat because I have never read it before. It has been a real big help in helping me to truly feel and know my Savior.
Well nothing else to report this week. Hopefully this week will be a little better than the last. We only had one lesson last week and that was it. A lot of it was caused cause we didn't have a lot of time with conference and having to watch conference and what not. I'll be excited to hear from you next week. I love you all so much
         su daug meilų,

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