Email from James - April 15, 2011

Hello everyone,

It sounds like you had a great time in Omaha both from you and from grandma. I'm quite jealous you got to have amazing Nebraska steaks. Grandma said you ate some for lunch and breakfast. :D I hope you all make it back home safely. I will be anxious to hear from you next week and know that you are home safe.
Emma looks way different. She is getting so big, her hair looks a lot darker too. It was cool to see.
Hahaha Parker is playing for the Rays. I was praying they would give him the Redsox :D Oh well, we will teach him to love the Redsox. He looks really cool in his jersey. He sounds like he is getting really good. It will be fun to play with him when I'm back.
This email will probably be a bit shorter cause we are at the church. Today is a holiday so everywhere is closed except for Akropolis, the mall, so we have to email here.
This week we truly worked very hard but didn't find anyone. We found a hedgehog outside our house on saturday night. :D Ya, a realy hedgehog! We were coming back to our apart. and the dog at another house was trying to grab a small pookey ball on the ground. We walked over and it was a small hedgehog. Elder Hyer grabbed some gloves and we brought it in the house for a bit and let it walk around. It was a pretty funny night. I took some pics so I will have to send some later.

The Jacques, senior missionaries who serve in the Baltics, came again to church. The last time they were here it was in January. We were amazed at how fast time flies cause it felt like that was only yesterday. I had so sit behind them on the podium and translate for them so they could know what people were saying. They also spoke in church. Then Elder Hyer and I taught the lesson in the youth class. We taught about Jesus Christ and the reason he attoned for us and the blessigns through His attonment. It went really well. :D
The weather has been so so beautiful here. It's been so warm and sunny and I just love it. We just walk around and try to talk to people which is a lot harder than it sounds. The teenagers are a lot more energetic so we have to deal with some stupid things everday. The memories of Kaunas are coming back, except I understand what they are saying to me now. haha. Today is a beautiful day so we are going to go to the church activity at 2 and then play some B-Ball. :D I am so so excited to enjoy the warm weather.
Even though the numbers haven't been so good, I have truly been growning so so much. I have really grown such a greater love for the gospel and especially for our Savior. I have learned so much in my reading of the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. I never realized how great of worth his attonment was for me and for all of us. I wish people woud listen to us so badly cause I want them to know how much God and Christ love us and how they can be happy in this life, not in alcohol or in the stupid things. But that there is more, they can be happy in things that truly have meaning. Things of worth not only in this life, but in the next life. We pray that this week, we can find someone who is ready.
       I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you,
                      Su meile,
                      Elder James Sanford

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