Email from James - April 4, 2011

Aulo Brangai Šiemai,
So transfers...... I'm still in beloved Klaipeda. :D I'm still with Elder Hyer and Elder Hengst and Elder Nelson are still here too. But, we got a russian speaking missionary here. He is in a three way companionship with the other elders. It's way funny cause they just moved to a new apt, and it is way way small for all three of them. haha. But i'm so happy i'm still here. I love it here so so much. Thomas, the only young man in the branch who is 18 and i'm way good friends with, was so so happy I was still here. He was flipping out, he kept saying, " Yes your still here!!!!" It made me happy to hear that :D
The weather has been so so nice. Today it's a bit cloudy and windy but it's still feels nice outside. All the members and us were so happy that spring is finally coming. Yesterday it was up to 18C and it was sunny and so beautiful. We are probably going to finally not have to wear our coats this week which I am so excited for. 
We found a flipping sweet new investigator, we thought we would have 3 by the end of this week but we got shanked from two of the lessons. But our new inv. is a kid who is about 18 or 19. His name is Augustinas. I will explain how we know him. There is a girl in my english class who I am way good friends with, her name is Erika. She asked if we could come out to her school to teach the kids that go to her school cause they can't make it out to english. They live out in a sweet sweet village outside of klaipeda called kretinga. I love it out there so much. So I talked with the zone leaders and they said we could as long as there was a good opportunity to share the gospel. Well it defenitely is cause no one out there has heard or seen us or even heard of the church. So we have been going out there and having small english lessons with a bunch of the youth out there for a while. It's so much fun and they are all the coolest kids ever. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a missionary so I could just go and hang out will all them for a while. So Augustinas is one of the kids that comes and he didn't seem that interested in what we had to say about what we do as missionaries. Well that all changed this past friday, After the fun english lesson, he came up to us and asked how he can become a missionary like we do. He said he really wants to start growing up and things. We were so surprised that he would want to do that. We explained what you have to do but most importantly, you have to believe what you teach. He understood and we had an awesome first lesson with him. He notices so much wrong in the catholic church in their village and said so many things that highlight truths of the gosepl. We were so thrilled to teach him. He drove us back to klaipeda with erika and we showed him around the church and he really liked it. When we showed him the baptismal font, he looked very interested. It was awesome. We are going back up there this friday. Funny thing too, we have been so popular at this school, cause quote, " we are two, good looking americans who want to come all the way out here to help the kids learn english better". They love having us come, so we are going to be in the newspaper. They want journalists to come and write about us and how it's so cool americans are out at their school haha. :D I will get a copy of it and show it to you when i'm home. I'm hoping it will be good way for our work to get more published and teh public to see us and know what we do. Hopefully it will spark an intersest.
We went to the beach last week. Oh my gosh it was so much fun. The waves were huge and we just acted like kids running up to the waves and running back. I found a glass bottle, well old vodka bottle :D, and but sand and shells and stuff in it so it will be cool to have after the mission. I will send pics next week. It was a blast and it was so pretty to see.
Tell mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (SU GIMIMA DIENA). Give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and tell her I love her so much. BTW when is mother's day. We were trying to figure it out but we can't remember. Thanks so much for sending the pics. I loved them.
Oh man yes, the year mark is this week! That's crazy, I still can't believe how fast time is going by. crazy crazy crazy. That's all I have to say.  Nothing else to report except that I love it here so much and I love lietuva, the lithuanian langugage, the people, everything here. I know when I will have to leave, I'm going to cry. I'm going to miss it here so badly, especially Klaipeda. This has been the greatest area.
I love you all so much and always look forward to hearing from you. Tell everyone hi for me.
             Su daug mielų,

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