Email from James - March 28, 2011


Oh my gosh, Eric Schofield's mission is already over! Wow it was literaly like yesterday I was at his farewell. You got to go say hi to him and tell him I say hi. I was wondering how close he was to being back home. That is so cool. And travis is going to the big Monastary Missionary Training Center. hahaha That's what Elder Hengst and I have titled it as. We always talk about our frustrating and crazy days in the MTC whenver we are together. :D It seriously felt like a Monastary. I don't feel so bad for travis, cause he will only have to be there for 3 weeks. He will do good. I'm excited to email him.
Oh stake conference. District Conferences here are so awesome cause we all travel to usually Kaunas and everyone from Lithuania is there. It's going to be a lot more fun now that I know more of the members really well. We had District Conference yesterday and that was really fun. We had the District Presidency come and speak and the branch president, Donatis Blinduruk, ( the one I called eminem, well now me and him call eatchother white cracker :D So when I call him he answers "what up craker) Haha he's hillarious. He gave a really good talk though and I really enjoyed it. There is a member who is lives in Vilnius and he is in the District Presidency and he has the coolest accent. He talks so so so so so so fast in lithuanian. I can truthfully and honestly say, I understood everything he said and what everyone said at church and it was the greatest feeling in my whole life. I am getting this language. That is why time is flying so fast cause before, everday, I would be learning about the language or having to use my langauge and teach a lesson but now, I don't even think about the languge. I honestly enjoy it and love learning more and more. I study only from the Lithuanian PMG and the " white missionary handbook". I love this country, the people, and the language so much. Elder Hyer is funny about it. He doesn't like learning the language so much cause it's hard for him. So he doesn't speak much lithuanian to the youth members or that much to the members. We have been trying to help him, Elder Hengst and I, but he gets upset. Ha ha! He will get it, I know it. He just has to be serious about learning the language. Another funny story
When I was on exchanges with Elder Nelson,We talked to this way nice lady the other night. She was pretty old. When she opened the door and saw us, she said," oh what beautiful boys." I laughed and said thank you and told her who we are and what we do. She said," I know about your church and your "bible" and i'm sorry boys but I don't need it." I began to tell her it wasn't another bible and that it was the book of mormon and that it's comparible and goes along with the bible. She smiled big as I was talking and said I had a beautiful smile and then asked where I was from. I wondered if she had even heard what I said. I laughed and said I was from America. She then opened her eyes really big and said, " how did you learn to speak lithuanian so well?" I laughed and thanked her and said just by talking with people everday. :D She didn't end up letting us talk to her more but that made me smile the rest of the night just by how nice she was.
I've really enjoyed your stories dad. It really means a lot to me. It truly strengthens my testimony and rekindles that fire to keep going. Thanks so much for sharing those. :D I really look up to you a lot and truly want to be like you. I'm really excited as " the stories" continue through the emails. Ugh, when you said the next 58 emails, I couldn't believe it. Time goes too fast. I don't like it. I thought everyone was lying when they said the two years flies by. I used to think, how could that be, it's TWO YEARS, but it does. It really hit me when I told someone how long I had been on my mission. They were like, "WOW, almost a year. That's crazy". I never thought how extreme that can sound to people cause a year is a pretty long time when you think about it, but it hasn't seem like that long. I think back and say to myself, about this time, I was geting ready to go, my farwell would be this sunday and then I would be off. :D It's crazy. Can you believe that we went to conference a year ago right before I left and now the April Conference is here again?
So we turned our clocks ahead sunday so you're back to 9 hours behind. Ha Ha. You had a few weeks of feeling special. :D jk
Transfer calls are tomorrow and I have a good feeling I might be leaving. We have a few guesses and I have a feeling where it might be. Elder Nelson thinks I'm going to Šauliai. That would be cool. It's a way small city and only two elders serve there. :D I think District Mettings would get pretty lonely. Elder Hengst is set up to train here so Elder Nelson probably won't transfer til the next transfer. We are getting three new misisonaries next transfer. I'm so excited :D Next email I will let you know what happens.
I did spend some money and i'm sorry. I knew how much I had so I didn't go over. Be patient with my weaknesses. I am trying to be better and I won't spend more. I am trying, truly I am.
I love you all so much and I can't thank you enough for all the love and help you give me so I can be out here. I love this gospel so much and I am so so happy to be serving a mission. Just think, we will be talking on the phone again very soon :D
     Su daug mielų,

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