Email from James - May 9, 2011

Hey everyone,
So talking to you was truly amazing. It truly helped me rekindle my fire for the work. That truly helped so much dad about how you said maybe my talent isn't finding the scriptures, but I have the talent for talking to people and not being afraid of it. I really needed to hear that. Thank you so much.
Before I forget, everyone keeps asking when you are going to update the blog cause they love reading it so much. So when you got some time, if you can, can you update it? :D
It is such a beautiful day today, we already played bball for a couple of hours this morning and then we are going to play some more. I love B-Ball so much. I truly think I can finally match you up dad, ahaha.
Well nothing really much more to report, but I love you all so much and I can't wait to talk to you more.
BTW, one of my awesome friends, Laenas sent me a package with a bunch of mac and chseese so you don't have to worry about sending a ton more. But candies like sweedish fish, kit kat bars, starburst, fish crackers, etc. would be awesome to get. :D
            Love you lots,
                 Elder Sanford

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