Email from James - April 18, 2011

Svieka Šeima,
Another great P-day in the books. I swear time just goes faster and faster. It's crazy. This week was yet another hard but turned into a great week at the end.
So we didn't find any people this week until sunday. The other elders gave us a bunch of old teaching records they had in their area book so we went searching for all of them this whole week but so far all of them have said no and that they aren't interested anymore. So that was a bummer but we know we are doing what the Lord wants us to be doing. We went out to Erika's school again. We didn't end up having people come to the english thing but her brother, Martinas, was there and a kid, Dainus, who always comes and likes us a lot came. So it was finally a beautiful day outside so I played some b-ball with them and another cool kid who showed up while Elder Hyer and Erika watched and then he talked to her a lot about the gospel which was way good. I fellowshipped while he taught, double missionary work. haha. It was funny playing cause I was in my missionary attire and dress shoes but I still got my skills :D Then on saturday we had a sports day with the youth in the branch. We always play futbol. As we were playing, I triped kinda hard hurt my ankle. Thomas kinda kicked it when I fell, but not on purpose, so my ankle doesn't feel so great to walk on. But it's feeling a lot better now, I bought some sports tape and have it rapped so it feels better with that on. Then on sunday, president and sister dance came down to klaipeda again. It was so much fun having them here again and we had interviews with president Dance after. I believe that this was the best interview I have had with him so far on my mission. We had such a good conversation and he gave me some great invitations of how I can become a better missionary and find the prepared people. He thanked me so warmly for helping Elder Hyer. He said he has changed so much since he has been with me and is so much more happier about the work. He said I had such a great gift of loving the people i'm with and find such great joy in making other people happy. That really meant a lot to me. He said a lot that was so amazing. I wrote it all in my journal which btw is almost finished. I might need another one sent out but i'm sure I can find a notebook or something if you can't get one soon. Just let me know. Then after church as we were on the bus home, I lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked if we were jehovah witnesses. I said I wasn't and that I was a missionary and told her a little about our church. She seemed interested, especially cause she at first thought my first name was Vyresnysis. haha. Her and I talked for a while and she was so amazed at how I was from America and could understand and speak lithuania. :D I gave her a book of mormon and she insisted that I write down our number so she could meet with us and her daughter. Her daughter is  J.W. so that's how we kinda started talking. She was so nice to me and I look forward to meeting with them. I saw a couple of kids on the bus who used to come to the english class in Klaipeda but haven't come in a while. I went over and talked to them. The girl smiled way big when I waved and came over to them and the kid gave our inside joke peace sign hahaha. I love the teenagers here so much. I wish I could just go hang out with them for a week. So ya haha, there's my huge paragraph of what happened this past week :D
You'll have to take some pics of parker when he starts playing baseball. I really want to see what he looks like when he plays. :D People always say that I am so good with little kids and I laugh and say it's because I have an awesome little brother who "trained" me. I always say the coolest kid I have ever known is my best buddy, Parker Boy. :D We will have so much fun playing and hanging out when I'm home.
Here's a really random note but my face has been like beard crazy. I could normally shave with a razor and be good for a couple of days but now I have to shave everyday. I used to think it was so cool to have to shave with a razor, now it's more of a hassel. But at least my face looks good after haha. :D
I have really been getting so much out of my reading in the New Testament. I will have moments where I will just be studying 3 verses of what Christ taught and I will just go crazy looking up scriptures in the bible and the bible dictionary and then I write my thougths and ideas of what I learn in my study journal. It's amazing how much personal revelation you can get from the scriptures. I can't believe I had them through my whole life and didn't realize how much I can get out of them if I just slowed down my reading, take time to take notes, and really study what i'm reading. It's amazing!
I will pray for mom's knee. I feel so bad for all the pain she has to be going through. I hope the surgery will work ok when she decides to get it. You will have to keep me updated on how she is doing and what new things she will have to do for it.
That's crazy about the YSA wards being made. It will be interesting to see what happens when I get home.
Well my beloved family, I have no more comments left to say about this great changing week. I pray for you often for you and I can never say thank you enough for all the love and support you give me. It means so much. I am always very excited to hear from you every week. I got mom's letter today so I will read that later on in the day. :D I'm jealous you guys get to go to Nebraska but It will be fun to hear from you while your there. I will ask President Dance about the call date being switched. If I'm not able to, plan a  time I could call comparative to times here. We will most likely be calling at night again between 8-10 P.M. here. Let me know next week. Have a great week and say hi to everyone for me.

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